November 27, 2012

Women Connect

I have been following Becky @ From Mrs. to Momma for at least 2 years now. I read on her blog a couple of weeks ago and saw the Women Connect link-up she was hosting and wanted to join!

My blog started out as a "wedding blog," then became a place where I documented our house building process, and now I guess you would consider it a "mommy blog." I blog about many fun topics, but I mainly document memories I want to cherish forever.

A little bit about me:
  • I am the baby of three. 
I have an older sister, who I consider my very best friend, and an older brother, who is pretty much... the best!

  • My husband, Lee, and I married November 20, 2010.
 (You can read more about our wedding here!)

(Read more about building our home here)

  • I have a passion for decorating our home. 
( I have started a "home tour" on our blog and plan to continue that soon!)

  • I began my teaching career about 3 months after we got married. I am currently a third grade teacher.
  • We love traveling, the outdoors, and of course, ALABAMA FOOTBALL.

And now for the MOST IMPORTANT fact!
 This little guy has taken over!
On August 24, 2012, our lives changed forever. We welcomed our precious baby boy into the world. Honestly,  (do not hate me when I say this) BUT adjusting to mommyhood was fairly easy for me. DO NOT get me wrong, I am no PRO, obviously there were struggles, but for the most part, it just clicked! I cannot take all the credit though...Gage is a very good baby, I am told my next one will be a DIFFERENT story!;) The biggest struggle for me was (and is) returning to work. I am currently adjusting to leaving my angel 5 days a week to teach 19 (pretty amazing) 8 year olds. Thankfully, those 19 sweet faces make everyday interesting and full of adventure
It's definitely not easy leaving him everyday, but it works for our family... for now. 

(You can catch up on our birth story and other fun posts you will find under the label "All things baby." )

Reading other "mommy blogs" has helped give me encouragement as a working mom. Thank you so much for stopping by our little blog.  I look forward to blog hopping and finding more amazing blogs to follow along!

Have a BLESSED week!


  1. I'm already one of your followers, but I just love reading your blog :) I did this link-up too!

  2. I LOVE your new family picture on your header! So ADORABLE!!!

  3. Just found you through the link up... such an adorable family! Looking forward to reading more!!

    1. Thank you for visiting! I am heading over to your blog now! Thank you for the sweet comment! :)

  4. Ahhh I'm so glad I found your blog through Women Connect. My husband and I were married in May of 2011, are expecting our first child in May of 2013, and this is my second year as a third grade teacher (: I can't wait to read all about your little family and how you juggle being a mama to a classroom of kiddos and be a mama to a baby at home! This is what I'm already worried about!

    Sara Holt

    1. YAY! How perfect! Going to visit your blog now! :)


Thank you for your sweet comments. They truly make my day! :-)

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