November 1, 2012

Our Little Pup's First Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
From the cutest little puppy in the world!

Poppy barking at the little puppy dog!

MiMi & Poppy joined us for our church fall festival. They brought little man his first punkin surprise!

It was filled with all kinds of precious outfits & goodies for our upcoming Gatlinburg trip! 
Thank you MiMi & Poppy!

I am obsessed with moose! 
MiMi found this moose toboggan for our trip to the mountains! 
He was so ill by this point;) This is his "daddy look," look at those eyebrows!

Our Little Family at our First Fall Festival!

Gage's sweet cousins and Aunt Amy came to visit him Halloween night and brought him a cute little monkey toy! LOVE these babies!
We didn't get out last night because little man had his shots Tuesday afternoon and his legs were sore, so we just stayed in and had a fire!

Today is my momma's birthday! 
Happy Birthday to the best MiMi & Momma in the world! 
We Love much!

Have a BLESSED Thursday!


  1. He's so adorably precious! I LOVE the costume :)

  2. Seriously, the cutest little puppy I've ever seen :) And that moose hat is crazy adorable!

  3. Gage is such a cute little puppy! Love the family picture of y'all! :) Miss yall! Love you girl!

  4. I love his costume!! & i love the onsie with the g on it on the last post very cute!!

  5. Just stopping by from WILW. Your little boy is adorable! I loved his super cute little doggy costume!


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