April 17, 2010

Flower Girl Dresses!!!

This little cutie-pie is one of my flower girls! Her name is Ansleigh Kate.... She is my cousin and the only baby we have in our family, so you can imagine how rotten this little girl is;) She is truly the sweetest 2 year old EVER! She has the best personality... she will go to anybody... BUT, she did not want to try on flower girl dresses.... she screamed and screamed!! Her face was so red, I felt so bad for her! Needless to say, we didn't get the dress on her, but she will be fine.... ;) She was in a wedding when she was 1 and she did great!
We will be going to Georgia the first of May to celebrate Princess' 3rd birthday!

My mom, my Aunt, grandmother, & my cousin Danyelle:)
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  1. What a cute baby flower dresses.I like it so much.Ansleigh Kate,you are so cute.
    flower girl


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