December 19, 2011

Monday Memories/ Outside Christmas Decor


I was pretty much exhausted after going on a field trip and having a Christmas party for 23 little third graders! BUT I was VERY excited about going to my sisters for dinner and shopping with my mom & sister. We left for the mall about 7:00 and shopped until about 10:30. I got EVERYTHING done (not wrapped YET though)! The mall stayed open late and it was not crowded AT ALL. We plan on making it a tradition every year. We had a blast, as always!


I woke up early so I could make our goodies to take to Lee's family Christmas party. I made corn dip and bacon wrapped club crackers! We headed to the Christmas party which was wonderful. Saturday night we had a date night, our original plan was Firebirds but it was packed, so we settled for Panera Bread. After dinner we went to Cracker Barrel so I could get the ornaments I have been eying for a while now! I always wait until they are 40 % off. I was too late for one type, but I got ALL of the other type!


We had our choir special at church Sunday morning, then Lee and I headed to lunch at Firebirds for a BLT salad. We then went to Walmart for groceries, home for a nap, and BACK TO CHURCH!

Now for our outside decorations.....

Mom and I made our "P" wreath a couple of years ago and it has held up wonderfully!

Mom and I found something we loved in Grandin Road's magazine so we decided to remake it, 
so this is our Grandin Road remake!.... much cheaper (and prettier, if I have to say so MYSELF!;)

Sorry such poor quality, it is much prettier in person but this is the best my old little camera will do... (HINT HINT!;)
Hope y'all had a BLESSED weekend!:)


  1. Absolutely beautiful!! :) Good job! Merry Christmas!

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Your outdoor decor is BEAUTIFUL!!

  3. Love your decor! So cute! :) Sounds like so much fun!

  4. Beautiful exterior! Hope someone gets you a new camera.

  5. Your decorations are so pretty!! I am also done with Christmas shopping-finished today, yay!

  6. oooh i just love your outdoor decorations! so pretty! you and hubs did a great job!

  7. i love your decorations outside! They look so good!

  8. Sounds like a great weekend! Cute decorations, I love them!


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