September 5, 2014

Graham's Birth Story...

You may be looking for an eventful birth story, but you will not find that here. I am very thankful for how smooth our experience was this time around. 

We had a scheduled c-section for 8:00. We were instructed to be there at 6:00.
We got there early and were put in a room. We know a lot of the sweet nurses at St. Vincent's and she did not like our room so she moved us to the BIG, fancy room! 
Once we were moved and settled, we learned another patient's strip did not look good so they had to move her c-section in front of mine. We ended up going back to the operating room around 9:00.

(Daddy getting suited up)

(Blue toenails are a must for the arrival of my boys)

Prepping for the surgery was already taking place when we entered the O.R. Nurses were suited up, tools were laid out on the table, and they were counting them. It is always nerve racking and an adrenaline rush you cannot really explain. The awesome nurses always make me feel at ease. Having my sister in there taking pictures (she is also a nurse) makes me more comfortable. My main nurse is always my best friend, Erica, so that makes is EVEN better!

(This is Erica)

(This is my sister & photographer)

The spinal always makes me SUPER nervous.  It's the part I absolutely dread. It took him a few sticks and repositioning to get it right, which scared me to death. But it went in perfectly and we were ready to go!

Dr. Adams came in smiling as always. She has a way to make me feel so relaxed and confident.

(Best doctor in the world)

I was laying there for a while and I had the most calm feeling come over me. I even asked the anesthesiologist (a friend of my sister's from high school) if she gave me something for anxiety, but she said, "not yet". But I felt wonderful! My scar was pretty bad from my last c-section so Dr. Adams cut out my old scar and "made me prettier" as she would say.

For some reason, my babies to not like to come out and run and hide in my ribs. It took her some pushing and pulling but finally, my black headed beauty came out screaming!

The best feeling in the world, music to my ears, a feeling you can not describe! 

When I first laid eyes on him I could not believe how different he looked than his BIG brother. In my mind I had them looking like twins, which was not the case. He had a head full of black hair, dark skin, and big eyes. I know all moms say this, but he was the most beautiful baby boy I had ever laid eyes on.

They put him directly on my chest, which is something I did not get to experience with Gage. That was special and a feeling I will never forget.

(He had been crying, and right when they put him on my chest, he quit)

("Hello, mommy" First time seeing his mommy;)

(First touch)

(First kiss)

(Daddy's first kiss;)

As I was holding him for the first time, I asked Dr. Adams to check everything and make sure I look OK to have another baby. She laughed, told me I was crazy, and assured me I looked perfect. 

With brother being a big boy, weighing 9.7, our baby Graham looked so tiny!
Weighing in at 8 pounds, 8 ounces and 21 inches long of pure perfection.

 "Hello, world!"

(Daddy checking on us)

I wanted Gage to meet him for the first time with just our little family in the room. 
I also wanted to nurse him, which he latched on immediately.

 My sister also gave him his first bath before guests entered.

(Seeing their grandbaby for the first time)

(Thomas Chester meeting Thomas Graham)

(Grandmomma & Grandaddy)

(MiMi & Poppy)

(Uncle Jacob Thomas meeting Thomas Graham)

Our Perfect Baby Boy...
God showed out again when he created this little guy. His mommy sure thinks so!;)

Thank you, Lord for our safe delivery and healthy baby boy. Thank you to my best friend, Erica. She always makes our day go so smoothly. Thank you to my sister, your presence and sweet pictures could never be replaced. Thank you to my husband, doing life with you is perfect. Thank you to my parents and Lee's parents, your help through this time made the experience even more perfect. My brother, playing with Gage and keeping him busy, eased this mommy's mind. Thank you, Gage, for being a awesome BIG brother and welcoming your baby brother with open arms. Thank you to the rest of my family and friends, you guys are a blessing.

Thank you, Thomas Graham... You have added such joy to our lives.

Every good and perfect gift is from above.
James 1:17

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