January 12, 2012

Revealing Our BIG News!

Once I took the digital test to confirm the POSITIVE, I got on the internet to design & order shirts for the big reveal. Like I said in my last post, I had to confirm that our little nugget made it to the "right place" and hear that sweet heartbeat before letting the secret out of the bag. After our Dr's appointment, we went straight home and the last package (Cam's shirt) had arrived on our steps so we were excited to have everything ready. Lee said he had waited long enough so we decided to do it the same day of our appointment.

To tell Lee's parents, sister, and niece & nephew, I designed and ordered custom shirts. I could not find any shirts that had anything to do with cousins so I found a website and did them myself (which was an easy website & the people were amazing).
We headed to Lee's sisters house first. Lee called her and pretended we were coming over to workout. He handed her the shirts and she caught on to it automatically and started screaming. She showed the kids and they started jumping up and down screaming. It was so sweet! We went to tell them first so the kids could wear their shirts over to Lee's parents house. 
Amy called her mom and told her the kids wanted some pigs in a blanket (from Christmas). We just headed over there and walked in, which is not unusual for us. We were sitting on the couch when the kids walked in. His mom noticed their shirts right away and asked if another family member that just had a baby gave them to them (GREAT!). Of course, Amy said no, "Their Aunt and Uncle gave them the shirts." It still did not click for a few more minutes but when it did she busted out crying. Most people were not expecting it for another year or so, she was shocked and it took a while to set in. They are both thrilled to be having another grandchild!

I wanted my sister to be the first to hear the news. I actually tried to tell her before the appointment but there was never a time it was just the two of us. After our appointment, right when we got home, I called her and she was shopping with mom but in the restroom by herself (PERFECT TIMING!). I made sure she was alone and just blurted out, "I am pregnant!" She was trying to be quiet because mom was outside the bathroom, all she could whisper was, "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I KNEW IT!" She was so excited!

And this little guy revealed the news to my family....

It worked out perfect that mom and Lyndsey were together, because my sister helped me get mom to our house. We pretended we were all going to meet at my house and go to dinner (which we did;). 
Mom had found lots of school supplies on sale so she was just a showing me everything and Lee went to let Camden out of the bedroom. She did not notice him because she was busy showing me everything but got confused because I just busted out laughing. She finally realized Camden had a shirt on and went over to read it. I think the picture below explains it all.... ;)

Next, we called dad and he was on his way home from work. We told him Lee needed him to look at something which was not a lie;) When he got there, Lee got Camden out of the bedroom (again, bless his heart;) and mom handed him to dad, and I think the picture below explains it all once again... ;)

Luckily, my aunt Diane(mom's sister) and cousin was still in town from Christmas and they got to the house right when dad did which worked out perfectly. We didn't get to get my aunt's reaction, but she jumped up and down screaming, and Camden took off running!haha It was very special.

 My grandparents got to the house shortly after and we showed them the shirt as well. I sent a picture of Camden in his shirt to my brother (he had to work) and he said "Are you serious?" Then he called me and told be, "I thought I saw your belly getting thicker" Leave it to the brothers to tell the truth!;)
I then sent a picture of Camden in his shirt to all of my friends and everyone was calling at once, ecstatic about the news, which is always special! 
Everything happened exactly how I've always had in mind. This all happened within two hours, which was perfect! So thankful for my amazing family:)


  1. Aww! I love it!! & I love that you captured their surprised faces! what an adorable idea!

    1. Thanks to my sister! THANK YOU VERY MUCH:)

  2. Okay you brought tears to my eyes with how you surprised everyone. Again, Congratulations!

  3. What a cute way to reveal your news...and how exciting for ya'll Congrats!!


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