February 3, 2013

Weekend Highlights...

 Friday night, we had dinner with our friends Jason & Samantha and their little guy, Caleb! He and Gage are 3 weeks apart. Everyone thought they were  twins.

 (Jason thought they should "play" a quick game of checkers;)

Saturday, Mom and I headed out for a girls day of shopping.
MiMi had to get little man his first pair of tennis shoes! 
We went out to eat at Outback that night... he and daddy had to wear their Nikes!

 After his Sunday morning bath!

He sported his new outfit to church Sunday! He got all the attention in his tie!:)

We ended our weekend grilling out with my parents, brother, and his friend ,Brent! Of course, while watching the Super Bowl (just can't get into it like college football) 

 We had another fabulous weekend making memories!


  1. SOOO cute! I was reading and thinking to myself "Grilling out? Why are there pretty flowers outside??" and then I remembered you live in Alabama where it's not 30 degrees!! :) Omg those nikes and the tie are beyond adorable!

  2. Look at that sharp dressed little man! Too cute! :)

  3. Aww those shoes and that tie are just the cutest things ever! Your little man is adorable.


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