October 28, 2013

Gage Update... 13-14 Months

A few 1 year pictures by my amazing sister.... :)


I thought he would lose some with when he started walking, but he's stayed around 26.14! He has definitely grown taller as well, his legs hang all the way down to my mid-thighs when I hold him:( I need to measure him soon!

Words he's saying:
  • bye
  • hi and holding his hand up
  • daw for dog
  • kitty (Every animal at the zoo and fair he calls "kitty")
  • Pop (for my dad, we are shooting for Poppy, but pop will do for now)
  • Grandada
  • dada
  • momma (He calls his paci, bottle, and me "momma"... I said it's everything that soothes him;)
  • shoe
  • ball (He can spot a ball from a mile away)
  • bite (He will say "biiiiii, biiii" in the sweetest little voice. He refers to getting a drink and sometimes his paci as a "bite")

  • He started walking shortly after his first birthday and now the sweet waddle is gone. He walks like a big boy and now tries to run!
  • He got 4 upper teeth at once! It was an interesting couple of weeks to say the least!
  •  Waves "hi" and "bye"
  • Claps his hands and says "AAAYYYY"
  • Claps his hands while you sing patty cake and tries to roll his sweet arms for roll 'em up. Its very uncoordinated but the cutest thing I've ever seen!
  • Points at everything. When he wants something he will point to it and whine.
  • Recently, he has started loading and unloading things and putting back items he moves. He also started lining up his toys on the side of the tub. Then he destroys all of his hard work, but it is super cute watching him busy at work with that little bubble butt! I'm thinking he is going to be a neat little guy. He's got a double dose of wanting everything in order, because daddy is particular about things as well as mommy!

Cuteness I Never Want to Forget:
  • He loves playing hide n seek with daddy and for someone to scare him. He just dies out laughing. I came home from dinner with the girls the other night and he ran to the other side of the bed and hid. Then he "jumped" out real quick and started laughing so hard he couldn't stand up. He was trying to scare mommy like daddy does him. So darn cute!
  • My sister took him to the zoo and we took him to the petting zoo at the fair and he calls every animal a "kitty". If he see any animal that looks similar to Camden, he dies out laughing.
  • He loves to carry my cheetah rain boot around the house. I put it back in it's place, and when he enters the closet, that is the first thing he grabs.
  • He has started laying his head on your shoulder and hugging around your neck, it is so sweet. He loves to play with you hair while he's falling asleep and he also twirls his own hair when he gets tired (just like mommy;)
  • He just paces around the house constantly. From one room to the other. Thank goodness our floor plan is open so I can keep my eyes on him!
  • He LOVES watching Disney: Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Mickey, Octonauts, Henry Hugglemonster, The Higglytown Heros, Princess Sophia, The Hive (one of my favs;) He also likes watching football, and makes sure he says "ball".
  • If he somewhat knows you he will smile and say "hi" but if you are a stranger he will mean mug you and squint his eyes at you. If he gets in a mood, he will do it at you anyway to everyone... little turkey!
  • I know this will not be cute long and I only laugh on the inside, but when he pitches a fit, he will throw his head forward and sometimes bump it on the ground. Then, of course, he cries even harder because he bumped his 'noggin!
  • When he doesn't want someone to hold him he swings his arm side to side really fast telling them "do not touch!"
  • When he is done eating he throws his food in the floor.
  • He has started shaking his head "no" here recently. For "yes" he nods it one time very hard.  
  • I absolutely love when a squat down to his level and he walks as fast as he can to give me a hug. He is also very loving right now. When I pick him up, 90% of the time he hugs me around the neck and lays his sweet head on my shoulders. AHHH, makes my heart race!!

His personality is so precious and he does cute things constantly, I always say I will remember. I am going to try to keep a note of everything on my phone...I just can't keep up!

Other updates:
  • We are totally off of the bottle; he drinks everything from a sippy cup.
  • We moved up to size 4 diapers around 13 months and he is wearing 12-18 months clothes.
  • Some of his favorite things to eat are: waffles, toaster stroodles, grilled cheese, pb&j, bread, yogurt, mandarin oranges, pears, peaches, mangos (pretty much any fruit), he still likes the squeezable vegetable packs, sweet potatoes, squash, and carrots.
  • Favorite snacks: cheese curls, cheerios, fruit loops, goldfish, yogurt melts.
  • He still wakes up in the middle of the night. One time is a GOOD night, lately he's been waking up several times. Every now and then he will surprise you and sleep until 5:30, then he's ready to snuggle with mommy until 7:30!
  • He sleeps in his pack n play beside our bed for half of the night then between us for the other half. When I get him out of his packnplay we will hug me tight around the neck and hold on to my hair like "thank you so much mommy!" I wouldn't take those middle of the night snuggles for nothing. When he wakes up crying and the first word out of his mouth is "MAMA" it's over right then and there. Mama is here baby boy, don't you worry!;)


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