November 21, 2013

Gatlinburg Trip 2013...

We go to Gatlinburg every year for our anniversary trip. This year we were joined by some amazing friends and their sweet babies! We had such a blast making memories and I would like to highlight a few! :)
On our way Baby Graham did not care for the seatbelt. Daddy is in deep thought about something. I bet I can guess.... A TRUCK! :)

Monkey was pretty good during the car ride. He got fussy toward the end, which is expected. 
On our way in we stopped at the outlets to do a little Christmas shopping and then ate lunch at Lee's favorite, The Old Mill Restaurant. 

After lunch, we browsed cute little shops and took Gage into the toy store. He was so excited about all the fun toys!!
We also stopped at The Christmas Place to pick out our family ornament. I try to get one every year!
Then we finally made it to our little weekend retreat!
I have never seen Gage so wild and excited in his life. We finally had to hold the boy down to go to sleep! He was WIDE open!!
Breakfast one morning, daddy found a buggy just Gage's size!
Friday evening we headed to the aquarium. Again, little man was super pumped!
Sweet babies...

He loved the sharks! I think he is like his Uncle Jacob!!

Scuba Gage!
Checking out The Penguin Playhouse...
Petting the sting rays...
Saturday morning we ate breakfast and got an early start to Cades Cove.

Mountain Man dressed for the occasion with a moose outfit, of course! I still have a slight obsession with moose!
 Boys on the loose!!
 These two are only 3 weeks apart and too darn cute!

Our sweet friends:)
Caleb pointing at the "dog" (it was an owl, but whatever that sweet boy says is RIGHT!)
We lost our other group at the beginning of Cades Cove but they caught up!:)
I love this picture of Caleb and daddy:)
Checking out the deer with daddy... (notice the have the same little swoop in the back;)

Our little tour guide brought us the luck. We ended up seeing tons of deer, horses, and 2 black bear! First time we've spotted bear!
Saturday evening. we walked around downtown Gatlinburg, played in the arcade, got some hot chocolate, and listened to some loud, obnoxious blue grass. 
Gage spotted the balls, so daddy nervously won him one:)
Sunday morning,we went to the a tropical zoo with Australian animals! Gage LOVES animals... He will clap and squeal with excitement. :)

After the zoo, we waited two,LONG hours to eat at the Apple Barn. Gage was quite cranky during lunch, but we made it! 

Sunday evening, we grabbed pizza and walked around downtown Gatlinburg.
We had such a great time!!
It always feels good to get home and little Monkey was glad to be back in his bed/packnplay. This child loves to play and watch TV in his packnplay! 
We were blessed with a safe trip full of fun with some awesome friends!


  1. Looks like such a fun trip! I love visiting Gatlinburg in the Fall! Also, love the moose! I just might be a little obsessed with them too :)

  2. What a fun trip!! The identical hair swoosh is too cute! :)


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