February 25, 2014

38 Week Bumpdate...

My "Before-Baby List" is all complete! I would be a great candidate for an early delivery but my children prefer to bake until the last minute possible. Only joking, I am thankful I carry my babies full-term. Not saying it is EASY everyday. My doctor told me "I make some healthy babies"! Thank the Lord for that!

Hospital Bags- CHECK!
I had a little blood pressure scare and symptoms so during one of our weather days, I got us packed! Gage was the hardest for me to pack, but I got it done! 
He is so excited about his hospital bags. If I do not hear him for a while, I know where to look! He is always looking is his snack bag and pointing to the monkey on his backpack making monkey noises.
Bottles/pacis sterilized- CHECK!
I purchased a sterilizer this time and went with the Avent since I use their bottles. (I love the new bottle design by the way)! I am very pleased with it so far, very easy to use. This was another project completed on a snowy day trapped in the house!
Bassinet washed and ready- CHECK!
During our snow days I even made some Pinterst DIY beauty recipes! No, it was not on my list to do so, but I'm glad I did. I hope to share a few of my favorite!
How Far Along? Today I am 38 and 2
   Size of Baby P? 4 3/4 pounds; 18 inches long
Maternity Clothes? Of course... and stretching it over my big ole belly is getting harder everyday!
 Weight Gain? Actually lost a couple of pounds so I am still under 30!
 Stretch Marks/belly button? NO and my sister made a lotion I've started using that I LOVE! I also have started putting on coconut oil! In my hair, on my face, and all over my body... It's a beautiful sight let me tell you!
Gender? Thomas "Graham" Pody
Sleep? Every night brings a new adventure... I'll leave it at that!
Food Cravings? MILK!

What I Miss? Getting dressed up in cute clothes, being able to turn over in bed with ease, being able to get out of bed without bailing out like a whale, and walking without a waddle!
What I am loving? Being totally ready and prepared to meet our new little buddy!
Movement? Yep... his body parts feel quite large!
Other Updates... 
My sweet friends gave me a surprise baby shower... I thought I was going on a dinner date with Lee to Logan's and there they sat! It seriously made me feel so special! First surprise party I've been given:)
I went to the doctor for my 37 week appointment and was able to get a peek at our sweet boy! He is still looking like his big brother based on his profile and he was measuring 7 lbs 8 oz! I was nervous he would be measuring larger than that so I think I may get through this with an 8 pound baby! I'm guessing 8.14! Of course, nothing has changed and it looks like we will be going all the way to our C-section date on March 3rd! 9 days to go!!!
Guess that's all for now! Hopefully I can capture some pictures of his nursery this weekend and post them before it's baby time!
Have a BLESSED weekend!


  1. It's getting close, and Gage is so cute with the hospital bag!

    1. He's so silly;) MONDAY IS THE BIG DAY! ALMOST THERE!! :)

  2. I can't believe how close you are! Gage is such a cutie and I can't wait to see Graham! My son Casen has that same monkey backpack!

    1. I know girl! Monday is the BIG day and I cannot wait! Thank you girl, we think he's pretty cute! I love his little backpack and he does too! :)

  3. GAH, Y'all are super cute. :) Can't wait to meet him! Best of luck and prayers for a happy and safe delivery.

  4. Girl you are on top of things! I can't wait to "meet" Graham and Gage is just precious! Xxoo

  5. Ah! Only a few more days! Can't wait to see pictures of Graham!

  6. I just recently found your blog and it is so cute! Congrats on baby boy #2! I recently had my second, and they're both a handful, but such a fun blessing. I hope to continue following your blog! Good luck with everything. :)

    Andi from www.mintkitchenlove.blogspot.com


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