May 16, 2014

Brotherly Love...

Everyone is always asking how Gage is adjusting since his baby brother has joined our family. Honestly, I never dreamed he would transition as well as he has. In the hospital, Gage stayed with us most of the time because I wanted it that way. We have never spent the night away from him and he is VERY attached to both of us, so my mom decided to stay in the hotel attached to the hospital to make him as comfortable as possible. It made us feel better as well.
Anyway, like I said earlier, he didn't pay him much attention in the hospital. When we got home from the hospital we put Graham in the floor and let Gage see his baby brother. He automatically leaned over as close as he could to him and tried to give him a kiss. He just sat there for a few minutes staring at him and smiling. It was the sweetest moment, of course, we were all crying. It was like he knew he was HIS baby from day one.

From that moment on, he has loved him. We always say you can see in Gage's eyes when he looks at him that he loves him.
He is very gentle with him. He rubs his little head gently, puts his cheek against his, kisses his head, and gives him the sweetest "HI"  and waves when he's been playing and notices he hasn't talked to him in a while.

He helps me with him. He will give him his paci when he is crying. It may be in his eyeball, but it's the thought that counts. ;) He also will give him a bottle and throw away his diapers when I ask. He doesn't like for him to cry. When he does, he will look at me with a concerned look like DO SOMETHING MOMMA! Gage is a little obsessive about his blankets, so I have to make sure he has one as well as brother.

He already tries to teach him things, like how to play on his play mat. He often times uses baby brother as a ramp for his cars and trucks too. ;)

He likes to turn on his music to his swing and bouncy seat ALLLLL the time. Pretty sure I do not even hear the music now, I've learned to tune it out.
Graham already follows Gage around the room and watches everything he does.
Gage likes to hold him all the time. He will reach with his hands out to let you know. He only likes to hold him for a few seconds though, then he's ready to get up and go!
He likes to match his brother OR maaaybe it's momma who likes them to match! Most of the time they just coordinate though. ;)

Every night, he tells him goodnight in his own special way with the softest "bye, seeeee ya" and a kiss on his forehead.
I feel very lucky that they are already as close as they are. I pray this special bond lasts forever.
I love my boys so much. This is all I've ever dreamed of, and thank God multiple times a day for blessing us with two healthy little boys.


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