July 13, 2014

Summer Fun: Week 1!

First days of summer....

Making memories at Grandmama's pool with Lizzie Grey!

...and daddy!

Attending music class on Wednesdays!
"God Loves Graham, yes he does!"

"God Loves Gage, yes he does!"

"God loves Lizzie Grey, yes he does!"

Having a little convo with brother... ;)

Mommy got to talking and Gage got to exploring at music class.
 He pulled the plants out of the flower pot. Yikes! 

During nap time, momma packed for the beach!

Who said boys were easier to dress?! 
Seriously, I can't imagine trying to dress a little girl with all the cuteness I see! These two boys are getting the best of our wallet! ;)

Graham testing out his jumper for the first time!

Gage wants to ride anything and everything, so we invented a lawn mower belt! 
We used one of our sweat belts! He loved it!

First time playing play-doh with Aunt Lynie!

Gage has a new obsession with walking in our shoes. Daddy's cowboy boots have been the coolest though!

They even got a seat on his special couch! ;)

We attended Grayson's 3rd birthday party!

Fun playdates with Lizzie Grey and Cohen! Cohen and Graham were born on the same day at the same hospital! 

Taking it easy at home... Graham using those sweet hands! 

More playdates with special friends!
I wish y'all could see our playdates... full of FUN chaos!

Graham and Jace were due on the same day but Jace decided to come 2 weeks early!

First visits to see GiGi and PawPaw... 
Gage decided to dump out the water to the flowers all over there antique wood table.... oops!

Wonderful start to an amazing summer!

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