October 16, 2014

Happy 7 Months, My Little Lovie!


You will find out why this cutie is in tears later on in the post...

I did a little photo shoot with him because he was styling!  

(I have a few pictures to add here;)

Now... from the pictures it looks like I had an easy photoshoot and captured some precious pictures. BUT here is what it looked like behind the scenes...
Gage wanted to be photographed too!
He almost crushed his brother's head...

He wanted to give bubba love...

Graham wanted to watch every move he was making, while mommy was making every noise known to man to get his attention...
Then Gage decided to bring the weed eater to the photoshoot...

Little man was DONE!
(Scale pictures were taken last... that would be why Graham is in tears in the first picture)

We still haven't mastered crawling, but he's getting there! He will get on all fours and rock.
Sitting up like a champ...
Babbling: mama, dada, byebyebye
He loves to make poot noises with his tongue!
He can hold his bottle.. when mommy will let him :(


First time wearing tennis shoes!

First ride in a buggy!

First trip to Georgia to see cousins!

First ride on daddy's tractor he refurbished...

First time swinging...
He couldn't take his eyes off of his big brother to look for a picture.

We went to our friend Caleb's farm birthday...
 Lovie enjoyed looking at the farm animals.


He LOVES his giraffe lovie and his musical monkey...
He has to hold on to something while sucking his thumb to go to sleep. It's so sweet!

He loves being in his birthday suit...

He loves playing in the laudry basket... who needs a playpen?!

He loves his mommy...
While he's falling asleep he will turn his little head up and stare at me while he drifts off. It gets my heart ;)

As always he LOVES his bubba and thinks he is hilarious!

He loves his daddy and enjoys watching he and Gage rough house!

He always loves to grin as BIIIIG as he can!

WE LOOOVE these droopy cheeks!!!! Aunt Lynie calls him Droopy;)

Styling his way through this month...

Other Updates:
He is called my Little Lovie for a reason. He's full of love and happiness! He has really turned into a momma's boy recently and doesn't want me to put him down nor leave the room.
He is still sleeping through the night, 12-13 hours. He is still not a fan of baby food AT ALL! I have pretty much given up on it. He would rather have tiny pieces of what we are eating. He does like apple/blueberry oatmeal mixed with breast milk. I talked to the pediatrician about it and she is not concerned. She assured me we couldn't buy what he is getting on a shelf. That being said, he is still on all breast milk!! We have made it 7 months!!!! Being a working mommy (or all mommies actually), I find that to be a huge accomplishment. I have tried to give him formula, but he is NOT A FAN! This little guy has a picky pallet, that is for sure!
Graham is in mostly 9 month clothes. He is wearing size 4 diapers and size 2-3 shoes.

We love you precious angel, to the moon and BACK! 


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