September 6, 2011

Let the decorating begin!!!

 We took a trip to the lake and had a wonderful first weekend besides me getting BURNT UP
We left out this past Friday after school and due to bad weather we decided to come on home Saturday morning.
As you see we've moved up in the camping world... started off in a pop-up and got our camper sometime last year.
Welllll.... after very few uses we've decided to sell the Salem.
We really don't know why, it's a nice camper, just not getting a lot of use out of her! ;)

You will be missed! :)

Mom and I spent our Labor Day SHOPPING!! 
I feel like we've got a great start!:)
It's starting to feel like a home and I can't wait to share!

We are out of school today due to weather!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. What kind of weather keeps you out of school this time of year? Decorating can be so fun!!!

  2. Oh how I wish I lived near a Home Goods!!! Can't wait to see everything come together!!

  3. Cannot wait to see more pics! The house is gorgeous!


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