March 6, 2012

Baby Boy Ideas....

Like I said in yesterday's post... I have my inspiration for our baby boy in my mind. I don't really see what I want out there, but I thought I would share a couple of ideas I have pinned. Of course, these are via PINTEREST as well. ;)

 No this is not our name... but love the idea. (For a girl also)

Love the color scheme on these frames...

Actually not crazy about this.... just like a few rustic details.... 

Love the rustic look of this crib!

Accent wall idea for a baby boy... ours would be vertical though:)

Had to throw these cutie booties in! He will definitely have a pair (maybe in every color) of these;) Possibly with a matching hat!

I love this with more "boyish" items added;)Daddy would think it's a little too girly....

Great neutral nursery... especially if you are strong enough not to find out what you are having;)


  1. I just LOVE that crib in the second to last picture. It looks familiar - pottery barn or Restoration Hardware?

  2. How much longer before you find out what you are having? Love the wood rustic crib. Have you check out yet?

  3. Being a mommy to boys, I love all of this! The name in the first photo is really cute. Enjoy all of this planning. It's such a fun time :)


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