March 5, 2012

Baby Girl Nursery Inspirations......

We are 16 weeks tomorrow!!!!! 
I will be doing a bumpdate update soon. I decided to chill on every week, not much is changing right now;) I will start doing biweekly soon. 
Mom and I went to Cotton Tails (arts & craft show) this weekend and all I can say is Mr. Pody better pray for a BOY so he still has at least a 20 dollar bill in his wallet!! They had the most precious baby girl clothes!! But there is no doubt our little man will be a well-dressed baby boy too! 

Of course, most of these inspirations are via PINTEREST. As you can see I am not a "theme" person. You definitely see more baby girl nurseries out there. But no worries, I have our baby boys nursery inspiration all in my mind. I have pinned a few boys ideas but just bits and pieces of different nurseries I like and will definitely share soon. Also with our baby girl's nursery, I have the inspiration in my mind and like different things about each of these pretties.... ENJOY!

Love the changing table.... perfect for slobbery fingerprints in the future;) But I still love it. 
What I can see of the chandelier looks pretty beautiful too!

I like this bedding a lot. I have so many different bedding ideas whirling in my mind. I hope to make an appointment w/ the "bedding lady" soon!

I am loving a splash of lavender. Possibility;)

Just love it!

Just realized this is a different view of number 1.... interesting rug, not so sure...

Love the color scheme and all the white....

Gray and pink is BEAUTIFUL.... LOVE the mirror above the bed. Mom always gets me scared saying, "What if it falls?" Our nursery has a slope above the bed so it isn't an option anyway;)

Love the accent wall....

I LOVE GRAY... enough said;)

Which one is your favorite???


  1. I LOVE them all! but I think #7 is my favorite! I can't believe you are 16 weeks already! how Exciting!!

  2. Beautiful! I love the grey and pink together :)

  3. Your style is absolutely amazing! I love all of your inspiration!

  4. I love the last one. The grey is just beautiful.

  5. I would suggest still taking a belly pic every week just for you to have to look back on. Every time I look at my blog, I look at the weekly pics on the side & there really wasn't a change until about 20 weeks. Then it starts feeling like it grows every day :) I also took bare belly pics every few weeks but I never posted those, I just wanted them to always have. You look amazing & I love all the nursery ideas. You should definitely make an appt with Becky {Beckers Bedding) in Homewood. She does an amazing job.


Thank you for your sweet comments. They truly make my day! :-)

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