June 6, 2012

Baby Talk.... Random Update!

 Mommy's first load of little man's clothes! I've never been so excited to do laundry! Folding and putting up was even exciting, which I usually dread.  Wish the excitement would last forever!!!!

His little clothes hanging & smelling like DREFT!
& organized by months using these little lifesavers!
I ordered them from Zulily, but the packaging says Charity Closet; much cheaper ordering them from Zulily though and worth the $$ for sure! 

Now, for the random thoughts from my pregnant brain: 
  • I swear this sweet child of mine is swimming, kickboxing, and doing cartwheels all at the same time. I have been up since 5:30 and he has not stopped! (and I love every minute of it:)
  • We have been out for summer over a week now and I have not stopped!! I was in my sweet friend's wedding, Rachel, this past Saturday. We had the Bridesmaid luncheon and rehearsal in the same weekend because she now lives in Louisiana! It was so much fun and a gorgeous wedding! On Sunday, my other best friend from high school got married! So this past weekend was full of wedding fun!
  • In mommy news, I went to the doctor for my 28 week checkup and everything looks great! We are measuring a week ahead! I will do a belly post soon. I have been terrible on getting my weekly belly pics but I will have one soon! We are currently 29 weeks and 1 day and definitely due for a bump update!
  • The nesting has kicked into high gear! The entire house from the pantry to every drawer in the house is now organized! I started tackling the playroom Monday and finished it up at 11:30 Tuesday night. This child already has an organized playroom because his mommy has gone crazy! 
  • My "office" is also in the playroom so now I'm itching to purchase some cute desk decor!!! 
  • The weekend before last my mom and I went on a shopping adventure to make this momma feel better! I was feeling quite frumpy, but my momma always has her way of whipping me into shape! :) Thank Heaven for my mom!!!
  • We also went to find some pieces for little man's bathroom. We found exactly what we needed at Target and his bathroom is now complete and adorable!
  • I have now washed and organized all of his precious baby items! I want to get a cube shelf for his cute baskets I bought and something to hang his diaper bags on.
  •  We have our last shower this Sunday given by our church! That will be my next project along with packing our hospital bags! 
  • His room is ALMOST complete and I promise I will share photos when it is! Things left on the list include: finding a lamp shade, Poppy refinishing the toy chest and window pane, creating something for the wall I have in mind;), and ordering the valence and ANOTHER crib sheet since I lost it while shopping (will not even get into that adventure!)
  • I have a few pinterest ideas I want to tackle next month (this could be scary) before some little boy comes into the world:).  I will share them, only if they turn out!
  • We have some beach trips coming up in June is the reason I am waiting until next month!
  • AND this FRIDAY, we get to see our little buddy in 4D! It feels like forever since I have seen him and this mommy cannot WAIT!!!! Everyone is predicting he will look just like daddy, and I will have to agree:)
  • Now that the ENTIRE house is organized, hopefully I can spend more time blogging and slow down before I kill myself ;). Upcoming posts: all baby showers, bathroom reveal, playroom reveal (so far), nursery reveal, and of course bump  updates! 
Sorry such a long post, I have so much more I could add but I won't bore you anymore! 

Have a BLESSED Tuesday!  
(You will find this mommy by the pool;)


    1. AWW!! How sweet! I'm getting so excited. His little closet is adorable! So here's the deal you can't deliver in between August 4-11. That's our only week we could do a beach trip! lol. We have to keep Gage in til the 12th! :) You are going to be like he needs to come out NOW by then! Ha! Hope your having a good day. It was so good seeing you this weekend! I miss you! Love you girl!

    2. Girl, teachers go back on the 13th so maybe he will come on the 13th and it will be perfect for all of us!!haha I miss you too girl and call me when you have a free day for shopping and lunch!!!

      I LOVE YOU!!


    Thank you for your sweet comments. They truly make my day! :-)

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