September 5, 2013

Happy Birthday to Our Big Boy!!

 My sweet boy is ONE... this is the last month for sticker pictures...that's a little sad:( But honestly, I was not the basket case on his first birthday. I kept waiting for it to hit me, my sister assured me I'm just not that type...haha
I am just so proud of my little boy. Sometimes I just look at him and can't believe he's mine.


(Y'all, these pictures are THE BEST I could get. He was WIDE OPEN on this day and NOT in the mood for pictures. I was getting frustrated, he was getting frustrated, so IT IS WHAT IT IS!;)

Gage was 22 pounds last month, I weighed him last night and he was 27.3 pounds! He has gained 5 pounds!! Little piggy...

-Words he can say: byebye has turned into the sweetest, simple, one-worded "bye". He says it in the softest, little voice. I'm predicting he is going to be soft spoken like his daddy.
ball, bite, kitty, momma, dada, hey, chicken (I promise he said it, haha)

-He can stand for minutes at a time and has attempted to some steps but most of the time he goes straight to his knees. Yesterday (9/4/13), he took 4 steps toward the toilet, of ALL things!

- He practically runs behind all of his walking toys. 

-He will walk holding one hand. 


-We celebrated his first birthday! Post on that coming soon!

-First haircut! He was such a big boy... I was so proud of him. He got it about a week before his first birthday. Daddy could not stand it anymore. He likes his boy's hair "high & tight" (I think that's what he says;)
(Haircut post coming soon)

- Went to the zoo for the first time as a family! 

- He made his first visit to mommy's classroom and crawled around everywhere and destroyed whatever he could get his hands on! 

-Made a trip to help daddy at work! 


Gage is such a happy baby. He loves everything! But I want to highlight some of our little man's cuteness!!

- He loves to stick his foot in your face and for you to smell it and say "shew-wee!"  He also likes you to pretend like he kicks you in the head. He just dies out laughing. 

-He loves to play hide-n-seek with daddy. This is a nightly event. Lee hides and jumps out and scares him to death!

- When we go upstairs for bath time we stand looking over the catwalk and daddy jumps and acts like he's going to get us.  (We do anything and everything to hear that sweet cackle). 

-He has all the bath toys you can have, but he loves to stand up in the bathtub and play with the faucet. He has also started swinging that chunky leg over the side of the tub. He will often get up on his knees and wrap his arms around my neck and give me some wet love! I'll take it:) 

- He loves watching TV. Anything on Disney! Octonauts, Jake & the Never Land Pirates, the little monster show, of course, Mickey Mouse, are a few of his favorites! He will crane his neck if he hears cartoons to see the TV. 

- He still loves riding the mule. He and daddy do that every evening while mommy gets a bath and relaxes! He loves anything with wheels and a steering wheel. 

- He still loves balls. He pushes them around the house and crawls as fast as he can to get them! He also likes to play catch by rolling the ball back and forth. 

Other Updates:
He still only has two bottom teeth. I feel like the top are trying to come in,but haven't broke through yet. He is taking three 6 ounce bottles a day. Morning, afternoon, and a big 9 ounce bottle before bed. We had totally transitioned to whole milk but he developed a rash around his eyes. We do not think that is the cause but I took EVERY new food I've introduced away to see if the rash would go away. It hasn't, I'm thinking he has his mommy's skin and has eczema. We are going to the dermatologist soon. He still gets all of his fruits and veggies through baby food and fresh or canned fruit. He loves a grilled cheese! He was loving pb&j sandwiches before I had to take them away! He still loves his cheese curl puffs and yogurt puffs. He also enjoys apple cinnamon oatmeal bars and other fruity oatmeal bars; and all flavors of yogurt! He is still sleeping in his packnplay and waking up once a night. The past couple of nights he has slept through the night until 6:00, lets hope that continues! He is taking mostly 2 naps a day lasting about an hour and sometimes he sneaks in a 30 minute nap. When I started back to work, the third nap was added because he is up earlier than this summer with mommy! He is wearing 12 and 18 month clothes and still in a size 3 diaper. 

That baby boy is my whole heart. We love him more than he will ever know. He has made the past year the best year of our lives. He is a blessing to so many people and he doesn't even know it! That gummy grin will light up a room! 


  1. Happy birthday to Gage! He is SUPER cute/handsome. :)

  2. Happy Birthday little man! So cute!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAGE! I can't even believe he is one! Weren't we just preparing for our new babies? :) He's a doll and I hope you are feeling good Momma!

    1. It is so crazy girl! Cooper's turn is coming soon! :) Thanks honey!

  4. Happy birthday, sweet boy! Love your haircut!! Can't believe you're ONE already!

    1. His little haircut made him look older!:) Thank you girl! It's crazy, the first year goes by sooo fast! So many firsts!


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