August 26, 2014

Gage's 2nd Birthday Party...

I never dreamed I would have character themed birthdays two years in a row! Yet another, "I will never do that" mommy moment. I think we made it a very tasteful Jake and the Neverland Pirates party though. He had a great day so I call it a perfect party!
A few details...
 In the buckets we had goldfish, Capt. Crunch cereal bar, bubbles, sunglasses, a Jake tambourine, and a few other goodies!:)

For food we had golden nuggets from Chik-fil-a, goldfish, whales, and a pirate ship watermelon fruit bowl.

We had to get the ship down for him to play with, of course. ;)

Sweet cousins... Kalli and "Coco"
He got a train table from mommy and daddy!

Our Sailor Princess posing...

Fun with his best friend, Caleb!
The baby cousins can play too! :)
Greeting Mr. Sligh... our sweet neighbor.
More fun with his best friends...
This was so precious! Cousins kept showing out and giving sweet love to each other...

Opening presents! Gage did not know what to think!!! He was excited. :)

Singing happy birthday!
He got a little bashful. 
"The daddy look"

More playtime with his sweet friends...

Jace and Graham playing with their Jake tambourines over baby talk...
He had a great "Yoho" party (in Gage terms;)!
Thank you to our family and friends for making his special day perfect!
Happy 2nd Birthday, GAGE!


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