August 26, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, David Gage Pody!

 Our BIG BOY is TWO!


27 lbs. (60%)
33 1/2 in. (50%)


Gage's favorite things:
Playing with his cars and trucks. 
He has a little set up on our fire place and he will play with the for hours. Making his sweet motor noises with his lips, lining them up, and sorting his in a way only he can understand.
Poppy brings him by little tractors and trucks all the time. He has two special tractors he holds in each hand just about everywhere he goes, even to bed some nights! ;)
He loves animals. 
He gets so excited when my brother's dog, Emma, comes to visit. He squeals with excitement when she licks him and runs a plays with him. He visits my sister-in-laws dogs, Miley & Si almost every afternoon. He also still tries to get Camden to like him, but Camden's not having it. He will wave at him with his hand and say "hi" as he walks toward him. It is like he's trying to MAKE him like him, but it's not happening!
He knows most animal sounds and will say them while he points at them: cow, cat, dog, pig, alligator, dinosaur, duck, lamb, etc. 

He loves his baby brother.
He loves on him all the time by giving him a kiss or putting his cheek against his head. He also likes to gently pat his head. He always tells him "HI" and waves at him. A lot of times it's just randomly, which is pretty funny. We also ask him to hold brother's hands and he will walk over and hold both hands ;) He shares well with him and wants him to have something to play with at all times. If he drops his toys, he is very quick to pick them up for him.
He loves anything that makes a motor sound or rides on wheels.
He got a new go-cart, so now he rides his go-cart more than his mule. He thinks he is so cool!  He also loves to ride his cousin mini dirt bike. Don't worry though, he rides between his daddy's legs. It's a funny sight with my huge husband on a tiny dirt bike. Anytime, he sees a truck, motorcycle, dirtbike, etc. he always calls for "da" (daddy).

He loves milk!
He woke up in the middle of the night until he was 22 months old but NO MORE! He has 3-4 cups a day!

Gage loves watching TV.
Sherriff Kalli, Curious George, Jake, and, of course, Mickey are a few of his favorites. He calls Jake "Yoho" and Mickey "Nickey Nouse". We have a DVD player in the car. It was one of those things I said I would never do. OOPS!
He loves being outside.
 He runs to find his shoes when you say it. Outside usually means riding something, so that makes him love it even more. He also likes to go visit the neighbor's horses.

He loves his "da"
Don't get me wrong, he is a huge momma's boy, but he and Lee have a special bond. He knows "da" is going to take him to do cool "boy things"!

Twirling hair
When he is sleepy or watching TV, he wants to be twirling somebody's hair. At night, he falls asleep twirling mine. He also loves to hold on to a soft blanket. We can't forget paci!

His bed...
Meaning is OUR bed. He sleeps with us every night and OH how I love snuggling with that little boy. When 8:00 rolls around, he cries to get in our bed to snuggle.... I'll take it ;) When it is time for bedtime, he wants his momma and pushes daddy to the other side of the bed. "Da" gets on his nerves at bedtime!haha

    His cousins...
 He loves his "Izzy", loves for Kalli to "GET HIM", and he is Colson's (he calls him "coco") little shadow. ;)
Pack n' play
I do not know what in the world I would do without our packnplay. He loves to eat a snack in it and watch TV, he loves for me to put a bunch of his toys in it so he can play and watch TV, sometimes he will whimper to get in it so he can snuggle with his blanket and watch TV. This is a life saver while mommy is getting ready!

He loves to be read to...
His favorite books are Snuggle Up, Heads!, and A Toy Story book where you find certain animals/objects.

He loves his MiMi & Poppy, Grandmamma and Granddaddy...
Grandmama keeps him while I'm at work. Thank the good Lord she is willing to do that! Grandaddy comes home about 2:00 and he is so excited!
He is now calling MiMi, "Nene" so that may be her new name. He runs to the door and greets her when she visits.  Poppy is "papa" and he comes bearing tractors!;)

The famous orange goggles...
These crack me and all of instagram up!

Favorite foods:
Spaghetti-Hotdog-Chikfila-Mandarine oranges- peaches-Grapes -Bread-Fruit loops-Cheerios-Mexican rice- club crackers- and LOVES pickles and cucumbers!
He's fairly picky, but I think that is a common thing at 2!

His favorite things to say these days...
Bye, see ya! (blowing a kiss to follow it) He also says a soft bu-byyyye.
There he is. (When asked where brother is)
There it is
Here he is (when asked where Gage is) He covers his eyes and pops out with "here he is!"
Turn on (mainly referring to his DVD player in the car)
da, see it? (he shows daddy everything)
He calls for daddy in the sweetest voice "daaaaa, where are you?"
HI! (while waving his fingers) He is a social butterfly while we are out, especially at church, and likes to greet everyone. I can slowly see him becoming more shy as he gets older.
When you sneeze he says "scat!"
When brother is sleeping he holds his finger over his lips with it squishing his nostril and he tells you to "SHHHH." When we are out he and someone walks up to see Graham, he tells them to "SHHHHH." It's pretty funny and sometimes embarrassing! ;)
He doesn't understand why his brother rarely wears shoes. He always points at his feet and says "shoe?"
When he wants to know something he will turn his sweet hands up and lift his shoulder. Most of the time asking where his "da" is going.
He is well mannered and tells you "tank you" and "peas". My favorite is "tank you, ma".
He knows most animals and can tell me what they "say": sish, rrraph (giraph), zebra, cheetah, dog, duck, bird, mooooo (cow), neeeeigh (horse), deah (deer), bear,
He also points out all of the "tees" and "ocks"
"Jesus" and "church"
Everything is the color "bue" (blue), we recently learned to say "puple" (purple), "ack" (black).
He can say and tell you where his eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, ears, and belly button are.
If he sees a baby or cute animal he will say "Ohhh, seeet" or "Ohhh, cute" in the softest voice.
Other words he says are: nana, apple, choochoo, shirt, ball, Nicky nouse, bubbles, stop, hot hot...
That's all I can think of right now. ;) 

Big Events:

Gage welcomed his baby cousin into the world, Lizzie Grey!

Went on a trip to Gatlinburg with our sweet friends...

He got to play in the many snow storms that hit Alabama...

He was not crazy about all the clothing the snow required!

Welcomed his baby brother into our family!
Thankfully, he wanted him. ;)
(pic here)

Easter was so fun this year...I loved watching him hunt for Easter eggs! I never thought he would be so interested in hunting "balls".
We had a huge summer filled with lots of fun! We went to the beach twice, Gatlinburg and stayed at Wilderness at the Smokies, we spent many days at the pool, went to music class on Wednesdays, went to the zoo a couple of times, Splash pad with our buddies, Desoto Caverns, and Noccalula Falls. We pretty much stayed on-the-go all summer! I will do a separate post about our fun filled summer!;)

Other updates:
He is wearing a size 4 diaper and mostly 2t. He wears a size 5-6 shoes, depending on the brand. He sleeps through the night most nights now, which is in our bed. 
Gage is a very loving little boy. He is fairly laid back and well-behaved (MOST of the time). He is shy at first but once he loosens up, he will steal your heart. Everyone he's around comments that he is a "good natured little boy". I would have to agree.... MOST days. ;)
 He is all boy but not a rowdy boy... YET, at least. It's all about tractors, trucks, and balls! He is definitely a mommy/daddy's boy. He is never too far from us and if we get up like we are leaving somewhere, he is right under our feet. He's a daddy's boy when it comes to having fun outside and a mommy's boy when he doesn't feel good, hungry, tried, or hurt.

He has shown us a love we never dreamed existed.  You have no idea how much joy you have brought to our lives.
We love you so much, David Gage Pody.
God is so good.... He showed out when he created this little guy. ;) 

Happy 2nd Birthday!
(Birthday post coming soon!)
 ** I have a few things to add to this post, but I wanted to go ahead and post for now!**

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