November 4, 2014

A Fisherman and his Shark {Halloween 2014}

My sweet fisherman and his adorable catch...

The Sunday before Halloween my church held our Fall Festival. 

Gage thought he  was big stuff walking in with his fishing pole!;)

Gage was not crazy about the sheep bellowing. I have to say, it was a little obnoxious.
 One time he came behind me, scared me to death so that scared Gage even more! 

Mr. Particular put his rings right on top of each other over the same drink. You would just have to know this silly boy to think it's funny. ;)
He's a winner!

We celebrated Halloween night with our sweet friend's. We went trick-or-treating and enjoyed some delicious chili, hot dogs, and other soups. 

Sweet Caleb brought Gage this SUPER, cool motorcycle to play with. We all know Gage loves anything he can ride.

BUT when it was time to go trick-or-treating and get off the SUPER, cool motorcycle... THIS is what happened...
This was just the beginning of our fun-filled, slightly chaotic, first trick-or-treating experience! 
(I love the way Caleb is looking at Gage like, "Dude, what's wrong with you?!")haha 

A cold front was coming in, so hats were flying and kids were freezing...

We still managed to make it to our first house! 
(Side note: Gage was finally calmed down, ANNND he falls and hits his head on the rocking chair you see in this picture... Bring on more crying! ;)

 Best picture of our BIG babies! By this time, we were getting this whole thing down! 

Best buddies... Gage and Caleb were born 3 weeks a part:)

Heck with all the candy, this boy found a tree limb and he was ready to go!!! 

Hope y'all had a wonderful Halloween! 



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