March 31, 2011

Let's try this Post Again... Decor Ideas for New Home (1)

Don't know why my pics have not been showing up on my posts! Driving me CrAzY! These are the pictures that SHOULD be showing up in my last post... Let's try this again;)

I am obsessed with anything home decorating right now.... decorating blogs, HGTV, decorating magazines,, etc. The below pics are from Just want to share a few decorating inspirations that are possible in our home....

Like this chocolate couch... clean lines, great color!

I am also loving the color of this gray couch....

I do like the baby blue couch, but the Mr. would not prefer this couch... this is not from his mouth but I know him all too well;) I do like the wicker table though!

Maybe it'll work this time;)

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