March 28, 2011

Update & BIG Announcement (atleast to us;)

Wanted to do an update....
Everything is going well for us, we are SO blessed....

The BIG question I am getting right now is, "How do you like married life?" Well, I absolutely love it! I am honestly happier than ever right now (GAG, I know). But really, LIFE is GOOD!

I graduated in December and was blessed with an amazing job at the end of January, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I am a reading interventionist and I am SO SO thankful to have this job. :) It has been an experience I will never forget. I grow and learn as a teacher everyday!

My life has somewhat slowed down... I actually get to be at home some nights during the week, which is enjoyable.

I am trying this coupon thing... which totally stresses me out, but I made my first purchase at CVS today and gained 8 dollars in Extra Care Bucks, so next purchase I will HOPEFULLY save even more! I have been reading these blogs where they have like 10 items and end up spending 17 cents!! Sounds great to me so I am attempting this.... for the third time;)

I will probably start blogging on this new hobby I am taking up as well as house/room ideas for our new home! I hope to start back Monday Memories, as if anyone cares, but I like looking back and I really want to document our house building process...

I know this is a random post of rambling, but I am wanting to get back on my blogging!

And for the BIG announcement.....

Today confirmed, Lee and I will be building a home!!
We have been going through the process for over a month now, and Lee and his uncle (who is building our home) met at the courthouse to get some variances approved and they all passed! So, any day now we will be breaking ground! So, so excited! I have heard horror stories of how stressful building a house is, so I'm preparing myself as much as possible!

This is our land where our future home will sit! Couldn't fit it in the picture, but good enough....

All the trees we had to get cut down..... It was so sad, Lee thought I was being ridiculous, but I almost cried watching them all fall :(

And of course, Mr. Pody couldn't sit still during the action, so he kept himself busy splitting fire wood!

Have a BLESSED Tuesday! :)

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  1. How wonderful! I'd love to build a home. Maybe someday when my husband is out of the army and we finally settle down.


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