December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012... as a Family of 3!

We had breakfast with Santa a couple of weeks before Christmas. 
Our church does this every year!
 Gage with his cousins... not cooperating;)

Two weeks before Christmas we went to Lee's grandad's. 
This is Gage's gifts from his first party!

He got his first football... one that he can grip!

That evening we went to Lee's parents for an early Christmas party. His niece and nephew were going to Disney World for Christmas this year so we had to have it early!
Little man got the Little People Noah's Ark...

And a wagon from Grandmama & Grandaddy (Lee's parents)

On Christmas eve, we went to MiMi & Poppy's house to spend the day with my dad's side of the family.
It was a house full of first Christmases for 3 new babies! 
Both of my cousins welcomed baby girls this year.

Our family on Christmas eve...

Chunky Monkey was styling in his sweater outfit and Santa booties...

Christmas morning Gage woke up to his first load from Santa!

The best picture I could get of little man in his Christmas PJ's Aunt Lynie got him!

Christmas morning everyone came to our house for breakfast and it was DELICIOUS!

Monkey loved strolling around the house in his new trike!
We went to my grandparents for dinner then it is a tradition to go to my parent's for gifts Christmas night!

This was Rotten with his gifts...
 Mommy and daddy racked up too!

I snapped a picture of Gage's first Christmas load... sadly this isn't all of it.
He is a blessed little boy and doesn't even know it;)
 Thank you to everyone who made his first Christmas wonderful!

The next day we went to my sister's for soups, which was perfect for the freezing cold weather!
That is why little man wore his snowman outfit!

Monkey's first time on Santa's lap!

Our Christmas Card 
(squint really hard and maybe you can see it!haha)
I could not figure out how to save it to my computer in it's normal size... Pitiful, I know.
I seriously tried everything...but they both turned out beautiful.

 I snapped a few pics of our outdoor decor!

I know this was picture overload... sorry!

Thank you Lord for a Christmas I will never forget!:)


  1. Girl...your kid is seriously SO cute! I just want to butter him up and eat him! haha Wow Santa was good to gage! House decor looks so pretty too!

    1. Thanks honey!! :) He's pitching a fit right now... Momma's trying to blog!haha Bad mommy! ;)

  2. At least I know I'm not the only mommy that gets their tiny baby lots of goodies even though they don't really understand hah!! But I think they do!! Matthew loves his combi walker!! We have the black car, & we have the o ball too its such a great toy because they can grab it easily!! I want one of those wagons!! I think I may wait for later :) I have never seen that trike thing before I may have to invest in that as well!! lol I love the orange snow man outfit that is REALLY cute!!

    1. I know! I told myself I wasn't going to get him much but I could not resist! He loves his trike, you should definitely purchase one!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! What a beautiful family that you have! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours! God Bless you!


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