December 31, 2012

Happy 4 Months, Baby Boy!

My baby is 4 months old... WOW. 
I cannot believe I am typing my 9 pound 7 ounce baby boy's 4 MONTH post!


On 12/15/12 he weighed 18 pounds and 5 ounces!  
I weighing him  today and he weighed:

All of that jumping in his bouncer made him shed a few ounces!
(I do not know what is up with sucking in his lips... still pretty darn cute though;) 
*Going to 4 month check up soon, so I will know his length then!*


-Someone's personality has definitely blossomed! Last month, you smiled at people who were familiar to you but now you smile at everyone! That sweet smile will NEVER get old!
-Giggling all the time. Daddy can REALLY make him laugh out loud!
-Grabbing, playing, and really concentrating while playing with toys.
-Holds head up really well now! The bobbling is almost totally gone :(
-Stands up on our laps and bends knees up and down really fast!
-Bounces in bouncy seat!
-Lays back and pulls himself up.
-"TALKING" all the time! I have to leave church every Sunday because he is "talking" so loudly. Definitely found his voice!

-Smile at Mickey;) Every time he pops on the screen, he gets so excited!
 (Mickey had just popped on the screen! I told your aunts he LOVES Mickey, WELLLL baby get what he wants;)
-Breakfast with Santa

-Visit to sit in Santa's lap!

-Christmas parties!

-Received first Christmas gifts!
-First Visit from "The Man in RED!"

-Got his FIRST Football he can actually hold!

-Got  footprints at Painted By U and  clay foot/hand prints!


 -Mickey Mouse! 
 (This is the trance you will fins him in while Mickey in on!)
-HANDS! Sucking them ALL the time!
 (I spy somebody sucking their thumb like their mommy did!;)
-Grabbing feet...
-Riding in the car.... thank goodness!
-Still loving bath time!
-Bouncy seat/bumbo seat

-Burp Cloth over his head while sleeping. I know this sounds dangerous, but he will fall right to sleep if we put a burp cloth over his head. This is while we're holding/watching him closely;)

-Laying in his Birthday suit while Daddy has a fire going! He kicks and babbles so loud!

Other Updates:

Little Man is still eating 4 ounces every 3-4 hours. Sometimes he gets a 2 ounce snack. Still breastfeeding! I pump 3/4 times a day to keep our stock flowing! He also gets 6-8 ounces before bedtime w/ oatmeal! We plan to start oatmeal this month with a spoon.Still wearing a size 3 diaper. He still gets swaddled at night and sleep about 7 hours straight. The only problem is most nights he is asleep by 7, so that means there is a middle of the night feeding. Not too bad... I give him 4 ounces and he goes right back to sleep until about 7:00. We had a couple of nights this month, where he woke up 4 & five times! I'm thinking it's the early stages of teething...ahhh! Wearing 6 to 9 month clothes but your toes are scrunched up in most of your 6 months sleepers. You let us know REAL QUICK when you are not liking something... by pushing with your legs, arching that back and giving a good squeal! Gage is a happy baby most of the time. It's a little harder to "please" him in the evenings because he fights his naps. But still mommy's sweetheart...



  1. He is adorable!! Happy new Year to you all:)

  2. He looks like such a happy baby! Adorable!

  3. Happy 4 Months Mr. Gage! He's getting so big. I bet those pretty blue eyes just make you MELT! Happy New Year to y'all! :)

  4. I think he is looking like you!! Especially in the eyes! He's gonna be a heartbreaker!

    1. That's what people are saaaaying!;) If you look at my baby pictures... it's definitely me, still got a little of his daddy though!

  5. Gage is too cute!! Cooper went through a few sleep issues at that phase and my doctor said it is a normal sleep regression as they go through a lot developmentally. I don't think it lasted long.

  6. Happy 4 months to your little guy! It goes by so second son will be 5 months in about a week so our boys are close in age.

  7. I just want to snack on those delicious thighs of his! So cute! Omg..Sam is 10 months old and weighs 16 pounds lol My forever peanut princess!

  8. Awww what an absolute cutie!! And LOVE that you have a scale at home! We almost did that when Ethan wasn't putting on weight. I'm sure it's super nice to have that! :) Happy 4 Months to your little man!

  9. He is adorable! I love your blog! I am inspired my your home decor posts. I'm following now...can't wait to keep reading.

  10. OMG he is adorable!!! I love your blog, so glad you found me so I could find you! :)

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    I hope you can make it!


    Kathy Shea Mormino

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