December 19, 2012

Christmas @ The Pody's 2012...

Welcome to our home filled with Christmas!
 I LOVE when my home is full of lights, glitter, and bright colors... hope you enjoy!!

Family Room Christmas Touches:

If you notice, Little Man now has a stocking! 
MiMi made it, and we added a touch of baby blue to his. I thought it turned out perfect. I've got to get it monogrammed then it will be complete!
 MiMi says next time she may have to add a touch of pink;)

This is the cutest Christmas touch!!
I guess I could tie some red bows to his bouncer because it's not going anywhere... he loves it!

This is behind our couch and yes it is a pallet table built by my wonderful husband! 
(And yes, I cropped out the carseat in the right bottom corner... let's be honest, I  just MIGHT have moved quite a few  baby items out of the way while taking pictures! I promise it's not always perfect....;)

This year we added a few touches to our Christmas decor... 
I am in love with adding items I will cherish forever...

Kitchen/Keeping Room Christmas Touches: 

Gage's first train... thank you MiMi!

I want to make this a tradition for every child! Look at that sweet little foot/hand!
These were done at Painted By U! for you Bama girls... ;)

Christmas card display. You cannot tell, but we keep out cards on a personalized  magnetic snowflake from Thankfully it is now full of sweet Christmas cards;)

Kitchen table center piece...

 Dining Room Touches:

That's all I've got!

I hope to capture pictures of the outside decor and post soon!

Have a BLESSED Wednesday!


  1. Wow! Your Christmas decor is amazing!

  2. Pretty! Love the big reindeer by the fireplace, but I think my favorite decoration is the cutie in the bouncer! :) Merry Christmas!

  3. your home is gorgeous! the dining room looks so classy & perfect for a holiday gathering!

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