January 1, 2013

My 2013 Goals...

I know, most people think setting "resolutions" are silly but I love setting goals for myself.

Let's get real here... it's an excuse for me to make a list!
This girl LOVES a list!
I will admit, nothing may get marked off but that list WILL be in my purse and that makes this momma feel good!!

Here we go!

1. Lose a few pounds
Get the last few pounds of my baby weight OFF! I am at my pre-preg weight but I still have about 7 pounds I would like to shed...

2. Tone up/ exercise regularly
This is hard for me because when I get home in the afternoons, I feel gulity going to workout after being away from him all day. (That is a poor excuse considering my "gym" is in my basement, sounded good though!;) Seriously, I'm going to have to get over it... gotta get my body back...especially before baby number 2! 

3. Organize my house
My house was totally organized from my nesting phase of pregnancy. But some little nugget has taken over, no need to explain! You working mommas know what I'm talking about....
Our laundry room, pantry, and drawers for sure. I need to tackle that closet too (I'm already overwhelmed!)

4. Create a gallery wall in our family room.

(I'm really liking this)

5. Fill the corner behind the couch.
Maybe with something like this:
 or this:

6. Ask the husband to build me toy chest out of pallets for behind our couch for all things BABY.

7. Fill the walls of our bedroom with wedding photos... 
got something in mind that just miiight involve canvases & a floating shelf!

8. Create burlap wreaths for windows in kitchen

9. Fill the old window my wonderful mom & dad got me for Christmas with pictures by my wonderful sister (have I mentioned how talented she is... only 50 times?!;) 
ANYWAY, when my house I grew up in got hit by the tornado, my mom saved the wooden windows and refinished them for us! They turned out perfect and I know exactly where it will be hanging in our home!

10. Create Gage a picture book of all the big/fun events that happened in his first year! Probably should start that now.... 

11.  Number 10 just reminded me! I want to make my BLOG into a book too! Possibly the end of this year...maybe next year?! Decision, decisions...

12. I probably should say I am going to cook more... who has time to cook around here?! I organized my dirty dishes in the sink a couple of weeks ago before leaving for work to make myself feel better! Maybe I should say I will try a few new recipes (I think I say that every year;).

13. Redesign my blog.... 
That gives me anxiety just thinking about it. But IT'S TIME! We need a new look around here! I might just hire it done!! Any recommendations?

13. Now it's time to get to what really matters... I want to read my Bible more. Maybe then my stomach won't sink when my Sunday school teacher says we are going to play a Bible trivia game! Seriously, I want to learn and become more confident in my conversations about God.

14. Grow as a mommy/wife/teacher. This girl still has A LOT to learn!

That's all I've got for now.... What do you want to accomplish in 2013? 
I need to make sure I didn't leave anything out!;)

Hope everyone has a BLESSED Year in 2013!


  1. Great goals girl! :) Hope you achieve them all!


    1. Thanks girl! I watched yours as well! Blessings to you in 2013!! :)

  2. I love me a list too, girl ;) And I NEED to do some kind of photo gallery wall in our living room! Seriously, Samantha is almost ten months..I have so many pics of her...but I am slacking on getting them up! I saw this idea on pinterest that I love. It's a shadow box, but you put two lines of string hanging across in it, add some mini clothespins and hang pics from it! And you can easily change up the pics every few months! That will be my goal for this month! ha!

    1. That sounds so much easier too! Glad you shared that!

      Girl, he is HUGE! I don't know what I am going to do! He is in mostly 9 month now! He was a toddler when he was born!LOL

      Yes, Samantha is definitely a precious princess peanut! So freakin' adorable;)

  3. I love your goals. Best of luck!


Thank you for your sweet comments. They truly make my day! :-)

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