January 15, 2013

Baby Necessities: 3-5 Months

Time for our 3-5 month favorites... CRAZYY is all I have to say about that!

1. I never realized how soon babies need toys (maybe b/c I've never had a child).... But I feel like Gage was interested so early! For Christmas he got his first football and he can actually grip it! You get them at Target (direct link). This is by far one of his favorite toys. He puts on his little concentration face on and spins it in his sweet hands.

2. Thank you, thank you, thank you to whoever invented these bad boys! 
The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo (direct link). 
My sweet 9 pounds 7 ounce baby boy is now jumping and flailing his arms like a monkey in this thing! 
Mickeymouse Club House+Jumperoo= mommy can actually get something accomplished!

3. Sleep Sacs... ours are the Halo brand to be exact.
You can forget the swaddle blankets with wild man now. But he sleeps very well in these.
I put a cotton sleeper on him with this over it. Keeps him the perfect temperature.

4. Disposable Changing Pads
I try to avoid public bathroom changing stations at all cost. I use the back of my 4-runner most times, but the 2 times I have HAD to use one I have these handy! They are also handy at church... you never know when we will have an explosion! I just keep 2 or 3 in my diaper bag at a time. Convenient... it's all about convenience!!

5. Sweet Sophie...
You better be glad he likes you... ALL 20 dollars of you!
They are pricey (cheaper @ Amazon) but I REALLY wanted Gage to have one, just thought she was cute. Thankfully Sophie is in the car/diaper bag at all times... He likes to chew and suck on her, she is also easy for him to grab.

6. His new favorite paci is the Nuk.
 It stays in his mouth better and he seems to prefer it now over the Soothie now.
7. With flu season in full force, these wipes are a must! I wipe his face and hands every time we leave a public place. LOVE the smell too! :)

We are still loving:
Nap Nanny
Bumbo Seat
Avent bottles

Any questions... feel free to ask! :)

Have a BLESSED Tuesday! :)


  1. I do the same thing, she bounces and watches Mickey Mouse and I am free (for a bit) lol!! So glad we got the jumperoo too!

  2. I agree...Sophie is expensive for what she is, but man do they love her! Do you kind of feel like you are letting Gage play with a dog toy? Because I do everytime I give her to Coop. Ha!

    1. haha... That is so funny you say that.. I do!! I especially do when I give him the grip football! So funny:)

  3. It's funny people who have never heard of "Sophie" usually look at us like we are nuts when we mention her. Like WE name her toy. haha. We now have a back up Sophie that lives at the inlaws so we don't have to bring her everywhere. Whoever invented Sophie is making a ton of money!!

    1. haha... you are so right! Seriously, why didn't a invent a silly rubber giraffe!

  4. Great info! Thanks lady! :)

    Also, my friend just posted about J&J on her FB page yesterday. I thought I'd send you the link!


  5. I want a jumperoo - those things are so awesome!! Your little man is too cute! I enjoy your blog!


Thank you for your sweet comments. They truly make my day! :-)

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