January 3, 2013

My 2012/2013 Classroom....

 I said at the beginning of the school year I was going to post my classroom for all of my teacher friends! 
I have actually had the pictures since the beginning but just getting them up... remember I had a baby just a few days after school began!

Let's note that this was at the beginning of the school year before 19 little 8 year olds took over. Here you will find everything perfectly in it's place, organized, and labeled.
Now, you will find piles of paper here and there, desks slightly out of line,but I will have to say, for the most part, I keep it fairly organized.
Every Friday, we clean our classroom so we come into a fresh, clean room Monday morning.

ANYWAY, here you have it!
This is where I spend 9 (or so) hours, five days a week, with 19 eight year olds.

 As you can see, I like it bright and cheerful. They say not to over stimulate with too much going on.... OOPS, It works for us! ;)

I got these labels, let me re-word that, my wonderful MOM got these labels at Really Good Stuff.
I went label crazy this summer. In my defense, I was due to have a baby THE DAY AFTER SCHOOL STARTED.... so I wanted the sub to know where EVERYTHING was!

 Mom and I painted my podium & book shelf. 
We added this black and white contact paper you line your drawers with. It turned out great and surprisingly still looks like new!

We are an AMSTI school...
This is how I organized my games and things. Labeled on the drawer and file folders are labeled up top with game directions! It works great!
 This is where I keep my AMSTI manipulatives.... students have easy access to these items.

 This is my classroom library.
The bulletin board changes throughout the year...
"FALL INTO READING" (obviously decorated in fall)
"WARM UP TO A GOOD BOOK" (starts with Christmas then changes into a winter theme)
Then I do a SPACE theme to end out the year.... and repeat!

All books are labeled with a color that represents the reading level....

Student's "mailboxes" 
...which work perfectly and are labeled with their class numbers and I get my "PAPER HANDLER" to sort them about twice a week!

Discipline System... which allows them to move up as well. Works pretty good!

My Helpers....
Library inspector, teacher's helper, sunstitute helper, center inspector, monitor, line leader, door holder, bathroom monitors, desk cleaners, scrap monsters.... that names a few. But each child is assigned a job and I TRY to change them about every 2 weeks.

 These are their cubbies.... mainly for library books.

The buckets are used for reading and math centers... that's a post in itself!

There you have it! My 2012 Third Grade Classroom! 
Feel free to ask any questions....  

I hope to get back to my home tour very soon! Next up is the kitchen & keeping room. I have the pictures, just a matter of uploading them and posting them!:)



  1. Wow looks amazing! If I were a teacher, I would love my classroom to look like this! And now being a parent, I would love my kid to have you for a teacher haha

    1. Aw! Well thank you very much! I would absolutely LOVE to teach that little peanut!:)

  2. wow I love this! Such a great, colorful, happy learning environment! :)

    1. Thank you!:) I try to make it a happy place! I make sure it smells good too!haha

  3. So cute! When Emily was still at McAdory, I helped her some in her room before school started and it was SO much fun. I love how y'all have a purpose for every little nook and cranny. Your kiddos are very lucky to have you as their teacher, Mrs. Pody!

    1. Yes, organizing and getting ready for the school year is one of my favorite parts of my job... just call me a dork, I know.:) I've always loved school supplies too, haha. Guess that is why I'm a teacher!:)

      Thank you so much!!

  4. Love it! I taught before we moved to NJ and decorating my classroom was always a highlight of the school year! I like you preferred lots of color and fun things for the walls!

  5. Hello,
    I came across your site as I was looking at "engaging literary classrooms". Your classroom arrangement is set up much of how I envision mine. I am currently a substitute teacher and will graduate with my degree in 2 weeks, so I was researching literacy within the classroom, and yours stuck out! Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful classroom ideas!



Thank you for your sweet comments. They truly make my day! :-)

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