May 2, 2013

Happy 8 Months, Gage!

 Monthly photo-shoots get more interesting every month. He started out in a great mood! The first snap and I got the first picture below. He kept wanting to pull up on the bed and got VERY upset because mommy kept sitting him down.

 And yes, I realize his mo-hawk is not centered... let's just pray I do not have girls! :)
Even with a jacked-up mo-hawk, he's pretty darn cute!

I tried to center his mo-hawk here...

ANNND... HE lost it!

 We changed things up a bit and did a photo shoot outside.
He is mean-mugging in every picture... little stinker! Needless to say, we needed a nap!

The last picture could possibly be my favorite picture... ever!

**I will add the scale pics when the scale starts working!**

He started the month pulling up to his knees then he started pulling up to his feet bu the end of the month.

Getting into crawl position and sitting back up... this is his favortie trick!
You can lay down, get in crawling position, and sit up
Crawling (when he wants to). He will crawl to something he is not supposed to have, like TV remotes, iphones, and computers!  You get anywhere you want some how some way!
Holding bottle and sippy cup independently...  

Destroying the house... not sure if that's a milestone but he is into everything!

He is waving bye-bye...

 We honestly didn't celebrate many firsts this month. We spent most of our time enjoying this beautiful weather! 
We celebrated our first Easter as a family of three!

He got his first boo-boo:(

He loves being outside! We take walks in the stroller, smart trike, and wagon. We walk every afternoon that it is pretty outside.

He LOVES riding on the mule and "driving" in daddy's lap.

His new favorite food is spinach and apples mixed.

He loves cheese curls and yogurt melts! Pretty much anything you put in his mouth...

His favorite toys are water bottles and tearing up much for the hundreds of dollars we spent on toys!

Sleeping in the middle of mommy and daddy.

Clothes going over his head
Being left alone
Peas/green beans... he literally gags. I tasted them and I have to say I do not blame him!

Other Updates:

He eats oatmeal/fruit mix in the morning, a veggie and fruit for lunch, and a veggie and fruit for dinner. We switched food to his main meals and 6 ounce bottles in between. He eats pinches of whatever mommy has on her plate. He eats anything you put in his mouth and enjoys every minute of it! He wears 9 and 12 month clothes and size four diapers. He takes naps about every 2 hours. He wakes up once a night on a good night, which still includes a bottle.  Sleeps right by our bed in his pack n' play and usually ends up in the middle of us by 3:00. HEY, Momma's got to do what  works! Hoping to transition to crib/room over summer!



  1. Such a cutie with those killer blue eyes!

  2. Aww such a cutie! This is exactly the process i go through to get a picture of Lilly haha x

  3. He is precious! What a handsome little fella.

  4. Happy 8 months, Gage! Love your mohawk even if it's not centered!

  5. Happy 8 months little/big guy!! Matthew loves the wagon too!!


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