May 31, 2013

Happy 9 Months, Love Bug!

Whew, this was eventful. The best I could get with wild man!

This is all he wanted to do...


"HMMM, what's this?"
And now it's wadded up in the garbage! Guess mommy will not save these for future baby brother! ;)


Height- 28 inches long

Mini-Photo Shoot: Baby on the loose!

After poor Camden as always...
As you can see, Camden is a tease and not totally innocent either!


He discovered a few new tricks this month and does them constantly.

 Walking behind puppy...

Crawling everywhere and climbing everything!


Honestly, we kept it low-key this month! Not too many firsts. He will have a lot next month since it is summer time! 
He did take a ride on the lawn mower with daddy!

Cheese curl melts
Riding the mule
Being held ALL THE TIME!
Playing with his Ride/Walk Along puppy
Fruit/Oatmeal mix
Strawberry/Banana Yogurt
Being nosy and watching strangers

Other updates:
He is eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast= fruit/oatmeal mix & yogurt; Lunch= Vegetable & fruit; Dinner=Vegetable & fruit. He takes 6 ounce bottles in between and an 8 ounce bottle before bed. We do not have the best sleeper on our hands! He wakes up about 4 times a night which results in a "paci plug" and a bottle about 3:00. He was a better sleeper when he came home from the hospital! He naps in the morning about 9:00 for 30 min. to an hour. Then again around 1:00 for 1 hour to 2 hours. Then usually has a "mini-nap" around 5 for about 30 minutes. He is wearing 9-12 months clothes, mostly 12 month and wears a size 4 diaper. 
He is so stinkin' cute and his little personality blossoms everyday! He has filled our lives with such joy...
 I love that boy so much!


  1. ha! I totally remember 9 months being one of the more difficult monthly photo shoots! i'm thinking that Elyse tried to launch herself out of the chair on more than one occasion!

    1. They are discovering EVERYTHING at 9 months... WIDE OPEN!:) I'm just preparing for walking!:)

  2. He is such a cutie!! Love those blue eyes!

    1. I do not know where he gets those blue eyes but I'm sure proud of them!:) Thanks girl!!

  3. 9 months already? It does not seem like he should already be to this point.. Goodness how time has flown by! He just keeps getting cuter each day though :)

    1. Tell me about it girl! Everyone always told me it flies by and they were so right! Thank you girl, he's a pretty cute little dude;)

  4. Matthew loves balls & dogs too!! Must be a 9 month/10 month thing :)

  5. What a handsome little man you have there!! Love the tie sticker!

  6. Made me laugh looking through the pics - you can see his curiosity! Looks like he's a little wiggle worm, too! Such a cutie!


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