May 6, 2013

Weekend Memories...

Friday night, we were on our last can of cat food so that requires us to go "across town" to PetCo so I can get my discount! While out and about, we ate dinner at Outback and ended our venture with a little shopping at Target.

Saturday, we finally put up our photo gallery in the family room!
**Our strategy worked perfectly. We got some old wrapping paper and flipped it to the back. We traced each picture and when ready we leveled and hung it on the wall. Lee tapped a nail through the wrapping paper to mark when each picture should be hung. It was fairly easy, especially when you are the supervisor. :) 
MiMi had an assistant while mapping it out.

I think it turned out perfectly! Now daddy has to finish little man's toy chest to go up under it!
(I plan to continue our home tour this summer when the momma is officially a SAHM for 3 months;)

Aunt Lynie was on baby duty while this was all going down. I caught them playing peek-a-boo. :)

Saturday night, we joined my parents for dinner at Firebird's. 
Firebird's is in the same parking lot as our next stop, buybuybaby, so Gage got to ride in mommy's lap. He thought he was so cool, he was grinning ear-to-ear!

I love going in buybuybaby and looking around. We took back a few items we never used and got a store credit to use toward our big boy car seat. He was so stinkin' cute trying them out.

Sunday morning, I prepared fruit pizzas for a baby shower I was helping out with at church.
These cookies are delicious... my favorite! :)

Like most Sundays, we ended up in the floor of the nursery. Now Gage has a friend that is just his size! It is so cute to see them interact and play with one another. Luke is a couple of weeks younger than Gage... sweet boys!

Sunday evening, we took a nap and decided to pick up a pizza and relax at home!

Another weekend full of memories...

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  1. The gallery wall looks great Sister! The wrapping paper trick works every time! Gage is such a little stud muffin! :):)

    1. Thank you girl. He and coop are going to be heart breakers:)

  2. Looks like a good weekend! The wall of photos looks great. :)

  3. Love the wall gallery! It's too precious!

  4. i LOVE fruit pizza my mom & I used to make the big pizza size one all the time!! We still do when I go visit her :) They are SO yummy!!

  5. Yum! We went to Outback just last night, it's one of our favorites! And oh my, your little guy is the cutest! He reminds me a lot of mine! He's 10 months :) What a fun stage! Just found your blog, your family is so cute! Can't wait to follow along :)
    Happy Thursday pretty girl!

    xoxo Jamie


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