May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend...

 Friday night we went to eat dinner at Logan's Roadhouse then did a little shopping at Target (I think we went to Target last weekend too... oh well!;) 
Side note: When I got home Friday afternoon, I noticed the little fur ball below wasn't acting like himself.

Not to mention, vomiting about 5 times (on my brand new carpet). Honestly, this is not unusual for Camden because he eats random objects like ear plugs, string, etc. You heard that correctly, my cat eats objects. He's a weirdo. Anyways, to make the story as short as possible, I woke up early Saturday morning to take him to the emergency vet (yes, we ALWAYS have to get sick on the weekends. I'm sure you can relate). They did some blood work and all levels were elevated. She decided to keep him 48 hours and run an IV because he was so dehydrated. They call me Monday morning, and his levels are still elevated. The doctor thinks he may have Chronic Renal Failure or Kidney Failure. Just great, my 7 year old cat is about to die...fabulous. She left that information by message so I called to ask the doctor to call me back and explain it in MY terms, if you know what I mean. I teach 8 year olds, I do not understand your fancy medical terms. She called back and during the conversation, I told her about him eating random objects and asked her to do an X-Ray of his stomach. Not even 15 minutes later, she called back. Mommy's instincts are always right... He had eaten the tip of a door stopper. Wonderful. What does that mean?! SURGERY. Wonderful. 
They did surgery on him after lunch yesterday and hoping to pick him up this afternoon. He better be glad he's cute and it's up to my to save his life, not his father's decision, if you know what I mean. 
 After the eventful morning, Saturday night we went to my precious niece's dance recital. Y'all, my niece is honestly the sweetest, most selfless 11 year old you will ever meet. She did so good! You can just say... I'm a proud aunt!:)
We ended our Saturday with dinner at Cracker Barrel which I could not even stomach because I had a horrible migraine. I will not even go into detail about that, I get them about once a month. Nauseated and no medicine can touch them. Needless to say, daddy was on baby duty while I slept it off. 

While out and about, daddy completed Gage's pallet toy chest. It turned out perfect!
 Here it is under the photo gallery! THANKS DADDY!
 Of course, I had to get the toys organized ASAP!

On a much brighter note, (I feel like Debbie Downer) I got to spend my first Mother's Day (I saw on Facebook, someone said, "Happy Stretch Mark Day", thought that was cute) with this precious boy.
Not to sound too cheesy, but sometimes I just look at him and can't believe he's mine. I am so blessed that this little guy calls me ma,ma,ma,ma and hearing that will never get old.

Sporting his golfer look for church Sunday...
We headed to celebrate my first Mother's Day at church. Our pastor always preaches that sweetest sermons on Mother's Day.
Every year, they give a hanging basket and devotional to the youngest mom and oldest mom.
I got the youngest mommy this year... just sayin'! ;)

We planted a little rose bush out back too.
Lee's mom insisted on cooking Mother's Day lunch so we didn't argue.
My mom, dad, and my brother came over Sunday evening and we celebrated by ordering pizza. Wanted to stay at home so that idea sounded perfect to me!

Thank you Lord for choosing me to be the mommy to this little blessing...



  1. Poor kitty. Hope he is doing better and stops eating random things. :)
    Happy 1st Mother's day!


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