August 19, 2012

39 Week Bumpdate...

......and WE ARE STILL HERE!
By we, I mean Little Man is STILL cooking!
and this mommy is MiSeRaBlE!

Do not get me wrong, I have absolutely LOVED being pregnant and would do it a million times over to welcome our baby boy but ladies.... I AM SO READY! The past week has been ROUGH, and walking is quite hysterical.

Here we are at 39 weeks and 4 days!
We will be 40 weeks Tuesday....
Last week was an adventurous week to say the least. School started back for teachers, so my days were filled with training for a new math program we are adopting, meetings, and working in my classroom. We had a blood pressure scare Monday evening and spent the night in the hospital. My blood pressure has ran in the high 50s, low 60s (bottom #) my entire pregnancy. On Monday, thankfully I ran into my friend Jessica's grandmother's to check it and the bottom number was running in the high 90s. I rushed home and laid on my couch for 45 minutes and checked again and it was still in the 90s. I had a headache, blurry vision, waves of nausea, and my ankles had doubled in size so everything pointed to preclampsia. Something else that scared me was Gage was moving like never before, which I know it is a good thing he was moving, but it was not normal so it made me nervous. Nothing has gone even slightly wrong during my pregnancy, so this momma was pretty scared. 
Once I got to the hospital they ran tests and monitored me. My blood pressure went back down but they found a little protein in my urine so they wanted to monitor me all night. We got checked out the next morning, by my best friend, Erica (who will be my nurse btw;) We left the hospital about 7:15 and I was determined to make it to my last day of AMSTI training to avoid having to make it up. Yes, the hubs dropped me off at the school and I was there until 4:30 that afternoon. They had given me a phenergan for nausea, so I was pretty out of it, but it gave my girls something to laugh about so I'll take it. :) They also stayed on me about taking my blood pressure every 2 hours and kept track of it.... Love my girls

Here is daddy staying at the hospital on his COMFY disgusting bed! 
I made him put it as close as he could to my bed as possible! :)

 I went back to the doctor on Monday and NOTHING had changed.... NOTHING, NADDA, ZERO! I go back tomorrow after school and we will discuss further plans. My doctor does not like going more than a week past your due date, due to weakening of the placenta, so I'm thinking we will be scheduling an induction. PRAY we have a little progress though! 

I know this is a long post and I apologize I went missing last week...things should be back to normal this week. Pray for these next few days meeting my sweet kiddos goes well and smoothly. I will update you all tomorrow after my appointment!

Hope you had a BLESSED weekend!!


  1. Your sweet little family is in my prayers! I hope you get to meet your handsome little man very soon! I can only imagine being full term and it being August. I would feel like a beached whale and wouldn't want to do anything. I'm admiring that you were determined to make it to school! I hope all goes well and he's done baking soon :)

    1. You are so sweet... thank you so much! I needed that:)

  2. I know I am a new follower and haven't been reading for long. However, I been waiting for a new post because I really thought your absence on the blog was because he was here. Praying you'll be holding your sweet boy in your arms and kissing his cheeks very soon!! Hang in there!!

  3. I've been checking this week and when you hadn't posted I was thinking maybe he had come! Hang in there, girl! He'll be here soon! Maybe he just wanted you to finish your school training before he made his appearance? :) You look beautiful!

  4. I've been thinking of you! Wow what a scare! But he will be here so soon!!!! Prayers for a happy and healthy delivery! xo

  5. Praying for you! I just love reading your updates. He'll be here before you know it : )

  6. You look adorable! :) I know you are ready for little man to come! Not too much longer. Let me know what they say after your appointment today. I love you girl!

  7. happy 40 weeks...hope you've made your way to the hospital by now! However, if not...the end is so near and you'll be holding your precious babe very soon!


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