August 3, 2012

Baby Boy's Closet & Playroom....


Notice a little nosy, gray, furry little rat in the bottom right corner;)

Just in case you care.... ;) 
  • Cube shelf- Target
  • baby blue/brown/white baskets- Homegoods
  • Gray basket- TJ MAXX
  • Labels- I really wanted small chalkboard labels but didn't have any luck. Instead I bought wood shapes and painted them black, wrote on them with chalk, and tied them with a small burlap rope. Less than 5 dollars and very easy! 

The closet dividers you can find here
They are from The Happy Closet, but I got mine on Zulily.
They are normally about 20 dollars and I paid 12 dollars on Zulily. I thought I missed them, but a couple of weeks later they were back on! I love having his clothes organized by size, they grow so quickly, you don't want to miss an outfit!:)

His playroom is not complete but I guess I have plenty of time considering he is still cooking! :)

 (These little cuties are books!... I fell in love!)
You can see me in the reflection of the L, my sister would be very disappointed in my photography;)

Honestly, I did not purchase any of these precious books. Lee's sweet sister was cleaning out and let me go through everything. Thank to her, he now has a collection of great books including some pop-up books! The other items/books are sweet gifts from family & friends!

We did purchase the rug, and it was found at Target at a great price!

 Mommy's Office Area
This is going to be mommy's area!
 I know it is quite messy in this picture (I was printing stuff for school)... but this is the before picture and my next decorating project... 
Since his stuff is so colorful and bright, I think I am going to do my area in black & white
(What do you think?) 

I have had a few emails asking for a tour of our home since I said I would a year ago!
 Yes, we have been in our home a YEAR!!
It takes time to decorate a home from scratch and we still aren't totally complete, but I plan on starting a HOME TOUR soon! I plan on doing a room a week so it should be fun! :)

Any questions on details feel free to ask.... :)

Hope you enjoyed and hope you have a BLESSED weekend!


  1. So when I get pregnant one day ... are you going to help me with all these cute things? I love everything you did for Gage's room and playroom (really .. I just love your whole house!!)

  2. haha... thanks love! I sure will:) Thank you so very much!! LOVE & MISS YOU!!!

  3. Love the chalk tags!!! Clever! :)

  4. I love the idea for the bin labels! I recently put the same shelf in our office closet and I need a creative way to label the bins.

    1. It is very inexpensive and cheap! Glad I could spark an idea:)

    2. I meant inexpensive and easy.... haha

      I blame it on the pregnancy brain;)

  5. I love the homegood basket. Super cute! & it's organized which is even cuter, I cannot wait to see pictures of your sweet little one.


Thank you for your sweet comments. They truly make my day! :-)

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