August 7, 2012

Hospital Bags 101

I am aware that I went overboard packing for the hospital, but I wanted to do a post to help out other mommys!

These two bags are strictly little man's necessities! :)

For Mommy....
  • 3 gowns
  • X-LARGE undies ;)
  • 2 nursing bras
  • disposable nursing pads/Medella tender care cream
  • nursing cover
  • nursing pillow/boppy 
  • Robe
  • socks/house shoes/flip flops for bathroom (I'm weird about my bare feet on strange floors;)
  • Coming home dress to match the boys
  • Of course, cosmetics... I went ahead and bought extra to have already packed and ready to go! Don't forget chapstick;)
  • Of course, it all has to color coordinate along with your hospital bags!haha Only in my OCD world;)

Fits me perfectly....

For Daddy...
Idea: I bought Lee a basket of hospital goodies for Father's Day which included some of these items.

  • 2 pair of pajamas (short outift & pant outfit)
  • Outfit for the day we will be there all day 
  • socks/flip flops 
  • Coming home outfit to match his boy

For baby....
This is where I think I went a little overboard because the hospital probably has some of these items but oh well!
  • I packed him a couple of newborn and premie outfits. I packed premie because everything is still so huge even on "big babies" when they are first born. 
  • Socks
  • 2 bibs and 2 burp cloths
  • a couple of his aden & anias swaddling blankets
  • nail file and clippers
  • tube of Vaseline and a couple of alcohol wipes (hospital has these items I'm sure, mommy will too though)
  • 2  pacifiers and a couple of bottles (just in case)
  •  Coming home outfit/shoes/socks/coming home blanket
  • I also packed a diaper bag for on the way home with just a few necessities like diapers, wipes, pacies, etc. (Considering we live 15 minutes from the hospital, that was probably one of those things that was too much;) 
  • His lovey from his Aunt Lynie;)
  • 3 hats with his name monogrammed on them

  • Video camera 
  • Nikon camera
  • All chargers/ cell phone chargers
  • Laptop & charger
  • pillows for me and daddy
  • a couple of blankets
  • snacks 
  • towels/wash cloths 
  • This is weird.... but a rug for when I step out of the shower... Again, you know I'm weird about these feet!haha 
  • Wreath for door! 
I don't think I forgot anything on MY list, but let me know if I have missed something you used at the hospital! Help always welcome:)


  1. Sounds like you have it all covered :) One thing that I will make sure I have next time is comfy clothes that make me feel good about myself, because after being in labor for 23 hours, all you want (besides to cuddle your little love) is a shower, to be comfy and still look cute :) Oh, and rest! From experience...I had a c-section and was in the hospital for 2.5 days. I had so many visitors all the time that I didn't get much rest during the day. And I was breastfeeding so I didn't get much rest at night either. As much as you want to just spend all that time with your little guy, if you have to stay in the hospital for muliple nights, let the nurses take care of him in the nursery one night. That was the only night I slept good because the nurses brought him to me when he was ready to nurse instead of me laying there awake wondering. I had lots of extra stuff in my bags, too. But next time, I will leave most of it at home because you end up with gifts, flowers, etc. from the hospital to lug back too!

  2. I wondered about throwing in a some cute comfy pants and shirt! I hear, "You will not want anything snug "down there" but I definitely like to feel cute so I think I will! And I am sure you are ready to feel "human" again! Thanks for the wonderful tips:)

  3. I spy a couple Thirty-One bags! Love it! :)

    When is your due date?

    1. LOVE some 31! :)

      August 21st is my due date! 2 weeks to go!

  4. Did you pack LOTS of maxi pads???!!! You will need them! haha Like the long maxis with wings. The hospital offers some but they are crappy and sometimes too big and bulky. And hold upppp....a wreath for the hospital door? You are adorable :)Oh and a glad plug in for the wall. Takes away some of the "hospital" smell and is nice when people come visit....

    1. See... I am so glad I did this post!!! Definitely adding some maxis:)

      Yes girl.... it is kinda a big deal to have a cute wreath for the hospital door here in Bama!hahaha

      I did pack febreze but I could definitely add one of my plug-ins! Great idea;)


  5. OH girie its ok to overpack! I will be the same way I promise. i am ocd too so I will have to have anything & everything i feel that will be useful! I think you did a great job packing! I cannot wait to see pictures of the little one & I cannot wait to see you all matching eek so exciting good luck mamma!

    1. THANK YOU HONEY!!:) Yes, we will definitely get some pics of us matching...haha I'm such a dork:)

  6. -I agree with Danielle, Grayson stayed in the room with us the 1st night but I didn't get any sleep {not only because of your new bundle of joy but the nurses come in to give you medicine every few hours, once I would finally doze off a nurse would wake me up} so the 2nd night I let the nurse take him to the nursery {I actually got some sleep} & of course they brought him to me when he was ready to nurse then came back to get him when I was finished. And you will end up with gifts, flowers, etc to lug back so you will need some extra room.
    -Be sure to have a birth plan to give to your nurse...ex: I told Lindsey (my nurse) that I did NOT want family to come in the room until I did the skin-to-skin time & breastfed b/c I didn't want any distractions, I didn't want him to have a paci while in the nursery, etc. You can google "birth plans" & decide on what you want to do.
    -Give Lee a small notebook & pen so he can do a timeline of the "events" for you. Once you start feeling the contractions & things get hectic you probably wont remember to look at the clock, plus when you go back to write you Labor & Delivery story you will have the times & details of everything :)...I'll take a picture of the one Bradley did & text it to you.
    -Definitely get Depends...the hospital has some netted ones but your sister brought me some depends & they were wonderful (the 1st 24 hours you will have a glove of ice "down there" for the swelling, the depends holds it in place). Also, get some maxi pads {I used Always Maxi Leakguard Plus & they worked great}, I didn't use them until I came home from the hospital though since I had the depends.
    -Fleece(or soft) blanket for Gage...use the swaddle blanket then the fleece blanket over it
    -Take an extra swaddle blanket (cheaper one), wrap Gage in it for a little bit then give it to someone to take to your house to let the cat smell before taking Gage home so he can already know his scent.
    -No need to take bibs, definitely take burp clothes.
    -No need to take bottles, the hospital will have the little bottles for you.
    -No need to take the extra diaper bag...the hospital provides diapers, wipes, sure to take everything they provide home with you since your insurance pays for it anyway.
    -The hospital provides towels, wash cloths, & blankets.
    -Just a suggestion: once Gage comes & you get a little down time, you can go through the bags again & put all the things you know you will not need in a bag & let someone take it to your house for you.
    -I think that is it but I will text you if I think of anything else.


Thank you for your sweet comments. They truly make my day! :-)

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