August 5, 2012

Sunday Social Link-Up!

Sunday Social
I linking up with Neely & Ashley for Sunday Social over @ A Complete Waste of MakeUpAshley's Carnival Ride!

1. What is your favorite Fall activity?
I LOVE fall and I can't choose just one! Football season, Gatlinburg, decorating the house for fall, smores, pumpkin patches, I just LOVE it all! My new found love this fall will be hiking/biking with the hubs and Little One to shed this baby weight!

  Some of our outside fall decor last year;)
2. Do you follow a football team? If so which one & why?
Of course! I'm from the south!;)
I think RoLL TiDE says it all;)
3. What is something fun during Fall in your area?
We have fun Fall Festivals and activities at church. There are many pumpkin patches held. But, of course, football is a HUGE focus!

4. Favorite Fall outfit staples?
I love wearing scarves during fall. I am definitely looking forward to investing in a few new threads this fall!

5. Things you are looking forward to the most this coming Fall?
Building new traditions with my new little family, going on our first family trip to Gatlinburg with our little buddy, dressing Gage up for football games, decorating our home for fall, and using our new fire pit daddy built!

A memory from our Gatlinburg trip last year for our 1 year anniversary!

6. Favorite Fall holiday? Traditions?
Again, I cannot wait to build new family traditions with our family. We will definitely be going to a pumpkin patch this year, I know he will be little but you always need pictures/memories! So we will be the family that everyone says, "WHY ARE THEY BRINGING THAT LITTLE BABY OUT HERE?!" haha

First time linking up with these girls! Go link up here!:)


  1. I love linking up with Sunday Social. I'm so excited to keep reading your blog and hearing all about your cute little family. The kitty to the right of the comments is ADORABLE too! I'm super excited for scarf weather!

    1. I am glad you found us! Thank you so much! Glad to have you follow along... going to check out your blog now:)

  2. Just found your blog through Sunday Social! Love the kitty and your wedding pictures. Excited to follow along!

    1. I am so glad you did and thank you for following! Thank you for my sweet comment and going to check out your blog now! :)

    2. Oh no! I can't see your blog... Is it private?

      If so I totally understand;)

  3. MMMM, smores! hehe. I get to go to my first Pumpkin Patch this fall and I'm super excited aha. I'm such a dork!

    1. They are delicious... especially with a big glass of milk:) I love the pumpkin patch! We can be dorks together;)

  4. I know when we have the baby I'm totally going to be the same way. I always gave my mom grief for not dressing my up for my first Halloween. Yes, I was less than 1 month then, but still... plus I'm sure the pictures would have been adorable.

    1. I know it! It's all about the pictures;)

      I have been keeping my eye out for him a costume! Pinterest can always help me there!!

  5. So fun! I love your Fall decor from last year!!! So cute! :)


    I'm so excited for Fall too!

  6. It'll be so exciting, building new fall traditions with your little family! Congratulations!
    I'm doing some fall shopping too. It's the perfect time of year to invest in new threads :)


Thank you for your sweet comments. They truly make my day! :-)

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