April 19, 2011

Beauty Tip Tuesday...

I tried doing this post on a weekly basis a while back... but got too busy due to wedding planning, working, and going to school. I'm going to give it another shot! :)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE anything from make-up, hair products, skincare, mani-pedi supplies... you get the picture! I read up a lot on this topic, so I thought I would share with you all a weekly beauty tip I have been doing, want to start doing, recently learned, etc. 
I am no professional but this is just a topic that interests me!



I strongly recommend using an eye cream. If you don't do anything else, get you an eye cream! I really do not spend A LOT of money on beauty products, but if I splurge on an item, this would be it. 

Your skin under the eye in very thin with little support structure. That is why it wrinkles so easily; especially for us contact wearers.
I have always thought your eye cream should be really thick, but this is not necessarily true. It is your preference.

I just want to name a few eye gels/creams I have tried and liked the results. I am going to start with the cheaper choices and move to some choices I consider splurging;)
      • Almay Stress Eye Gel- up to $10
      • Beauty without Cruelty Green Tea Nourishing Eye Gel- up to $10
      • Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream- up to $20
      • Philosophy Eye Believe- up to $20
      • Clinique Repairwear Eye Cream (non greasy)- up to $30
      • Mariana Chicet Bone Marrow Cream- up to $30 (I think)
      • Chanel Firming Eye Cream- up to $50
Tip: Just make sure your moisturizer/cream you use around your eyes doesn't contain coal-tar colors. On the label it will say, FD&C or D&C. 

This is the tip I would really like to share. If you do not want to spend much money at all (that being about 4 dollars!!) I strongly recommend this... even if you currently use eye cream, I would try this a few times a week. 

Like I said earlier, you do not have apply a thick eye cream. I also apply jojoba oil under my eyes (about 4 times a week). Oil spreads easily and you can avoid pulling on the skin under your eye (which you want to avoid as much as possible). 

You can find jojoba oil at health food stores (Organic Harvest is where I get mine). 

(Also, try adding a couple of drops to your daily body lotion. Adds moisture as well as a little shine;)

So there you go! Go get you some jojoba oil!!:)

Hope you are having a blessed Tuesday!!

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