April 12, 2011

Building Update (Mon. & Tues,)

Yesterday, (Monday) they came to take the forms off of the walls and everything looks awesome!

Today, they poured the gravel for under the basement floors.... We should be pouring the cement floors sometime this week and hopefully the wood will start going up next week!! (Depending on the weather, which is not looking too good:( Thankful to have the basement for the future bad weather months!

It it "code" to keep the mud off the roads, which is another reason we got the gravel poured (above pic). It helps prevent the problem.

Anyway, so when Lee got home from work he automatically got started cleaning the road. And look at the angel below helping his Uncle Wee;)

Let me leave you with the cutie pie below....

Camden, of course, had to check the plans out and give us his input.
Which he is going to hate the new home b/c he HATES change;)!!

Hope you had a BLESSED Tuesday!


  1. Hi thanks for stopping by my blog! I am a new follow of your as well, sounds like we use our blogs for the same things- memory tracker :)

    Good Luck on the journey of home building, that would be so FUN!

    xo, A


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