April 14, 2011

House Building Update (April 13th & 14th)

Yesterday (April 13th), they came to water proof the basement and put in the french drain...
The ugly black tar is where they waterproofed it...

This morning the inspector came to inspect the water proofing, the pesticide man came to spray around and in the basement, also they spread the gravel to prep for the basement slab!

Then Uncle Lynn and Mr. Head back filled up to the house!! It is starting to look good!!

Tomorrow, the weather is supposed to get bad so I do not believe there are any building plans for tomorrow. Everyone pray for safety during this storm...

Saturday they are supposed to pour the basement floors! Hopefully, next week the framing will begin (depending on the weather).

Have a BLESSED Friday!


  1. You are having your house built from scratch!?! No way! That's awesome!! It's also very cool that you are documenting all of these steps! I am excited to see how it turns out! I'm sure it will be FABULOUS! :-)

  2. Stumbled upon your blog & I'm so glad I did! I am definitely looking forward to seeing the finished project! You must be so anxious!

  3. Sabrina- I am! We just got started about two weeks ago, so you are just in time;)

    p.e.v.- I am so glad you did! I am now a follower of your blog! I am very excited, and of course nervous at the same time! Welcome to Our Forever;)

  4. you commented on my blog this evening and I just wanted to say hello. things are ok. just a rough day :( thanks for stopping by!

  5. Tomorrow will be a new day! Hope you get to feeling better!! :)

  6. Hi Natalie!! I just stumbled across your blog! I am also a teacher!! :)

    Monique xx



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