April 26, 2011

House Update (April 26th)- Good News!!

I know I am doing A LOT of house updates lately... everything is moving so quickly and I want to document every step possible! I plan on getting a book made at the end so this helps me keep my pictures organized as well! Hang in there with me:)

They got the rest of the downstairs framed, they got the upstairs floor joist done, and got the majority of the upstairs floored!  They also got our master bedroom's double-trey ceiling framed!

These are the temporary stairs going to the top floor! Pretty scary to climb...

 My man comes straight home from work and gets everything picked up and swept up!

This is the powder room:)

Master bedroom (what you can tell;)

Front so far!!

Husband standing on the top floor!!

Family room and the room in the top left of the pic is the Keeping Room off of the kitchen....

Double-trey ceilings above the master...

 Family room... fireplace with windows on each side!

That's what I snapped today! Got a little picture happy today;)

Don't know what they will get done tomorrow... supposed to be BAD weather again:( Pray for everyone's safety!!

We got good news...

I got the door I originally wanted!!!!... there was a slight change that is hard to explain, but I am a happy girl!
I searched and searched this internet for a picture of it and was unsuccessful... UGH!
It should arrive along with all the windows soon, so I will snap a picture of it and post:)
We got more good news today too, we FOUND the STACK STONE!! Lee searched the internet for it last Thursday and thought he had found it... and he did! It is coming from Nashville, TN!! Thank you, Nashville... you are a life saver!!:)
Great day today... but when you're building a home, you never know what tomorrow may bring! :)

Hopefully tomorrow I will do a FUN post!!

Have a BLESSED day tomorrow!!


  1. Wow!!! Great progress! What a great hubby, cleaning after work :) Love the fireplace with the windows on each side. Also the double trey ceiling seems very cool!! Can't edit to see more!!! And these posts ARE FUN! ;)

  2. I remember building my old house with my ex... most exciting thing and stressful thing ever! We actually had a sign made for our front entrance way that said Welcome to the Two Week Inn..

    Every time we would ask when something was going to get done.. it was always two weeks! Which always ended up being 4 + weeks.

  3. So exciting! Its great when you can start seeing the rooms. That's awesome news about the door!

  4. How exciting to be building your own house!! Looks like it's going to be pretty amazing.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! All of these pics bring back memories of our house being built! I am now following your story!


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