April 7, 2011

ROSS finds!!!

Two lanterns (for covered back deck)
(Small one- $4.99, Large one- $6.99)

This picture does not do these pot stands justice, the colors are way off due to my 8 year old ancient camera, but I really like them!

Their flowers pots were great prices, so why not get 3!
(Look at nosy-rosy about to get his head stuck in the pot!.... anytime there is a new item brought into the house he has to check it out and mark his territory;)

My favorite item purchased was the side table...
I am going to use this on our covered deck! I love the rustic look and wish I could find another one...

Actually, all of these items I plan to use on our covered deck! AHHH... I can't wait to decorate!


  1. Love love love the side table! And I am needing to get some pot tables too! MIne are just strewn across our patio on the ground! =)

  2. these are some great finds! i love sifting through places like Ross and TJ Maxx for great finds! Clearance always has good things!

  3. I love all your finds that you got at Ross esp your side table. I acutally bought the same one this weekend and blogged about it today - how funny!!! I don't know where you live in AL but they have three more in the store closest to me!


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