April 27, 2011

Wishful Wednesday.....

1.) I have been wanting I nicer camera for a while now. (Cough, cough, CHRISTMAS) 
My sister is a professional photographer and does BEAUTIFUL photography (you can check out her website here)
This is at the TOP of my wish list right now....

2.) In our new master bedroom I have a vision of crisp, clean colors like white, grey, etc.
Here is some bedding I found... Anthropology actually has the exact one I have in mind... but this gives you an idea...

3.) Here is another choice... I believe it's from West Elm???....
What do you ladies think???
I always need suggestions:)

4.) EVENTUALLY, I want to get a desktop computer... maybe an apple, but I am not one of those people who has to have an apple... just heard good things about them... 

5.) I have always wanted LONG BLONDE HAIR!
Yes, I have blonde hair, but my hair is very fine and starts looking like a rats nest when it gets too long... and it starts DRIVING ME CRAZY! So I end up chopping it off!!!

6.) I am also wishing this bad weather would GO AWAY! We did get out of school early, but still not a fan of bad weather... Continue praying for safety!! :)

Have a BLESSED Wednesday!


  1. hey! thanks for visiting my blog! you looked sooooo gorgeous on your wedding day! I, too want a really nice camera. I feel so limited with my awful pictures that I post to my blog without having a really good camera!

  2. Love the bedding, especially the first one! :) Hope you are having a great Wednesday!

  3. I love the bedding! I think white always looks very classy and elegant! I am not lucky enough to have a mac laptop but we have a desktop at my house and I LOVE it! And what's great is that it doesn't get viruses! Definitely get one when you get the chance to...you won't regret it :)

  4. We have that camera and it is awesome!! So easy to use!!

  5. Solution for long, thick and purrdy hair... clip in extensions. When I was growing mine out from a chin length A line, I got some and they looked fantastic. I still clip them in once in a while just for volume. They are about a $100 at Sally's for a full set, and are real human hair so you can curl, straighten and style in any way you like.


  6. Thank you girls so much for all the sweet comments and helpful tips! You all really so help me make decisions... I really appreciate everything! :)

  7. Thanks for your comment! You have such a cute blog... I'm a new follower :) LOVE that bedding! I'm all about clean, crisp lines as well!

  8. I have a Cannon Rebel and LOVE it! It is actually attached to me most of the time! Love the color combo!

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoy the Chicken Enchiladas! I am really wanting a nice camera as well. I've been keeping my eye on a canon rebel T1i! Love your blog! New follower!


  10. Love the bedding. both of them, but I think the first one is my favorite! You will NOT regret getting a MAC. They are amazing. I feel you with the hair. I have the exact same problem!

  11. I love both bedding options - tough choice!! I guess I'd go with the cheaper version :)

  12. The bedding is so cute! I love light colors! They brighten up any room! :) I'm going to school to be a wedding photographer so I'm in desperate need of a nice camera and a MAC to go with it! Macs are great for picture editing! :) Don't give up on your hair! I'll be praying for safe weather for you tonight!

  13. Thanks for the follow! Following you back. Have you checked out pottery barn for all white bedding? They have some white comforters that I have been swooning over for some time now. I also have a Macbook pro and totally recommend them! So glad you found me.



  14. I can totally relate to the fine hair, which is why I just chopped mine :)

  15. Hey there Natalie!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my lil space online and leaving a comment!
    I just read this post and I was going to tell you that this blog (simply sadie jane) has a DIY version of the knotted bedspread you have pictured! You should most def check it out!
    Happy Thursday!
    Hope to see you around my way soon!

  16. I would die for that camera. Def. choice #2 for the bedroom (LOVE that look and those colors), I am SO a Mac person. I swear once you get a Mac, you will never ever EVER go back to a PC. and I too would love long blonde hair. But God blessed me with super dark almost black hair. Boo :(


Thank you for your sweet comments. They truly make my day! :-)

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