April 11, 2011

Monday Memories!


Friday afternoon, I watched the guys finish putting up our cement forms around the basement. My mom and grandparents came to hang out too. I wanted mom to see the brick we have chosen. They brought us two samples, one was the actual brick on the house we love which of course is most expensive;) Leave it to me to pick out the more expensive brick. The other choice was cheaper but had the same color scheme. WEELLL, Of course, I loved the more expensive brick b/c it is larger and has the rough look I like. But I was still going to listen;) I was a little stressed b/c I really wanted it and was scared to hear the price! Anyway, long story short.... Lee text me and told me he had good news! When I called, he said he made the decision for us, and we are getting the brick I want!! YAY!

SO, Friday night, Uncle Lynn (who is building our home;) wanted to see the actual house of the brick and stacked stone we have chosen so we took them by the house. I was craving TAZIKI's so we went there and used our BOGO coupon! It was delicious! After dinner, we went to ULTA, AGAIN, to buy me the OLAY PRO-X and of course they were already out.... AGAIN! Then we ran in Ross to see if they got in a new shipment, but no luck!

Saturday was the busy, busy day;) We sat under a shade tree and watched them pour the basement walls.... We meaning Lee's mom, sister, niece, nephew, and my grandparents. Husband couldn't sit still (like ALWAYS) so he kept himself busy!
They got done about 2, so I went to get my nails done while Lee cut grass. Then we went to dinner at Firebird's and went to the grocery store (which I hate doing more and more and I am just getting started.... NOT GOOD;)
We also went to find the stacked stone place to match the exact stacked stone and found out IT IS CLOSED DOWN!! Oh no, so now we are on a mission!

Sunday morning a slept in because I had a baby shower to host so didn't have to get up for church. We decorated and prepared food all day. Which I love! I love doing showers and going to showers! Lee went to church and to lunch at Outback (which he does that without me as much as possible, just not my favorite place to eat;) The tea ended at 4, so we cleaned up and went back to my sister's house to hang out! Then we went to evening service that night!!

Another Great Weekend!
Hope you had a BLESSED weekend!

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