April 2, 2011

House Building Update from the BIRTHDAY GIRL!

Lee's dad found us a four leaf clover on our lot! Of course, I had to keep it. I have it under a book trying to save it for our scrapbook;)

The gravel got delivered yesterday!

Our original plan was to break ground on the house today (MY BIRTHDAY) but a really bad storm is supposed to be here Monday night so they decided to wait. Lee's Uncle Lynn and cousins came today and re-staked the house. Because I wanted it moved to the right of the lot as much as possible.

Lee and I wanted to be the first to "break ground." Considering we will most likely be at work now when they break ground, we decided to go on and do it today!

I got some great gifts for my birthday! I will post them later;)

Tonight my cousin is getting married! Congratulations to Justin & Brooke! We LOVE you!

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