April 19, 2011

House Building Update (April 18th & 19th)

This weekend, they did not do anything on the house... but that gave us a chance to do a little furniture shopping.

Yesterday, they poured the basement floors and put sealer on it....

They also delivered our lumber... should start going up tomorrow (depending on weather).


  1. Thanks for commenting and checking out my blog. It is my favorite thing to do as a chance to express ME! Can't wait to read all about you. :)

  2. So exciting! I'm so anxious to see the end result; I can't even imagine how excited you and your husband must be!

  3. Furniture shopping is always fun! What did you pick out? Those basement floors are lookin' good! So excited to see more progress! What a dream come true to see your house be built from scratch! :-)


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