April 28, 2011

We Need Your Prayers....

      As most of you probably know, Alabama needs your prayers desperately. Much of mine and Lee's community has been destroyed by the tornado and the majority of my hometown of Pleasant Grove is unrecognizable. My parents house where I grew up has minor damage but my whole neighborhood around their home is demolished. We have lost friends and still have many missing. I feel so helpless because I want to help my friends but they will not let you into the neighborhoods.  I can not explain the devastation in words but I all I'm asking for are prayers...

We are currently out of power so doing this over my phone.

Thank you Jesus for protecting my family!

Pray, Pray, Pray and pass it on! I will update as soon as I can. Thank yall so much!

April 27, 2011

Wishful Wednesday.....

1.) I have been wanting I nicer camera for a while now. (Cough, cough, CHRISTMAS) 
My sister is a professional photographer and does BEAUTIFUL photography (you can check out her website here)
This is at the TOP of my wish list right now....

2.) In our new master bedroom I have a vision of crisp, clean colors like white, grey, etc.
Here is some bedding I found... Anthropology actually has the exact one I have in mind... but this gives you an idea...

3.) Here is another choice... I believe it's from West Elm???....
What do you ladies think???
I always need suggestions:)

4.) EVENTUALLY, I want to get a desktop computer... maybe an apple, but I am not one of those people who has to have an apple... just heard good things about them... 

5.) I have always wanted LONG BLONDE HAIR!
Yes, I have blonde hair, but my hair is very fine and starts looking like a rats nest when it gets too long... and it starts DRIVING ME CRAZY! So I end up chopping it off!!!

6.) I am also wishing this bad weather would GO AWAY! We did get out of school early, but still not a fan of bad weather... Continue praying for safety!! :)

Have a BLESSED Wednesday!

April 26, 2011

House Update (April 26th)- Good News!!

I know I am doing A LOT of house updates lately... everything is moving so quickly and I want to document every step possible! I plan on getting a book made at the end so this helps me keep my pictures organized as well! Hang in there with me:)

They got the rest of the downstairs framed, they got the upstairs floor joist done, and got the majority of the upstairs floored!  They also got our master bedroom's double-trey ceiling framed!

These are the temporary stairs going to the top floor! Pretty scary to climb...

 My man comes straight home from work and gets everything picked up and swept up!

This is the powder room:)

Master bedroom (what you can tell;)

Front so far!!

Husband standing on the top floor!!

Family room and the room in the top left of the pic is the Keeping Room off of the kitchen....

Double-trey ceilings above the master...

 Family room... fireplace with windows on each side!

That's what I snapped today! Got a little picture happy today;)

Don't know what they will get done tomorrow... supposed to be BAD weather again:( Pray for everyone's safety!!

We got good news...

I got the door I originally wanted!!!!... there was a slight change that is hard to explain, but I am a happy girl!
I searched and searched this internet for a picture of it and was unsuccessful... UGH!
It should arrive along with all the windows soon, so I will snap a picture of it and post:)
We got more good news today too, we FOUND the STACK STONE!! Lee searched the internet for it last Thursday and thought he had found it... and he did! It is coming from Nashville, TN!! Thank you, Nashville... you are a life saver!!:)
Great day today... but when you're building a home, you never know what tomorrow may bring! :)

Hopefully tomorrow I will do a FUN post!!

Have a BLESSED day tomorrow!!

Building Update (April 25th)

From the pictures there is not much change from my last post... you can see a little difference on the front of the house... most of todays work was done on framing the inside...

On the back left you can see where they framed the bay window....

 You can also see where they framed for the tub!! Which should be arriving one day this week!!!

Sweet Blog Awards..... :)

My precious blog friend at Let Me Be Enough, gave me two, sweet blog awards!
Thank you so very much!!!

--thank the person who gave it to you and link back [check!]
--list 7 facts [check!]
--Pass it along to 5 others [check!]

--thank the person who gave it to you and link back [check!]
--list 7 facts [check!]
--Pass it along to 5 others [check!]

1.I am the baby of my family. I have an older sister, who is my BEST FRIEND in the whole world! And an older brother. My family is extremely close!
2.I love traveling... I have been everywhere from California to Hawaii, but Florida beaches will always have my heart. I LOVE going to the beach as well as the mountains during the winter.
3. I would love to have 3 possibly 4 children. Why 3? Growing up with my brother and sister was so much fun and I would love for my children to have the same memories I do with my family.
4.I love reading... rarely have the time, but I enjoy it...
5.I tried to "set my husband up" with three girls while we were friends... did not know until later he was interested in me. :)
6.I am extremely organized... I am SO ready to move to our new house because of our huge closet. Our clothes are crammed into our current closet and it's driving me CrAzY!!!
7. Lee and I got engaged 7 months after we started dating and planned a wedding for a little over a year after that. So we were together 1 year and 8 months before we got married. It felt waaaayyy quicker than that though!! It all flew by. The husband and I move at a fast pace in life so everything feels like it is here before we blink!!!  :) 

Now I get to give the award to some of my other blog friends.... I follow so many fabulous blog, this is going to be tough!

Erin's Journey

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(Ooops, that was 6;)

April 25, 2011

Monday Memories/ Easter 2011!

We originally thought Lee would be working all night so I went with Lee's sister, the kids, and his parents to eat Mexican. Well, on our way, Lee called to let me know the house plans were canceled. I went ahead and ate Mexican and also went to eat at Sumo's with Lee (I didn't eat at both places;) Then we had some decisions to make about the house so we went home, searched the internet, and CLEANED HOUSE... it was nice having help too!

   I stayed up late Friday night cleaning so I could sit under the shade tree and watch them build our home. Hey, this doesn't happen often, so I like to watch as often as I can. My mom and grandparents were there as well as Lee's parents, sister, the kids, and some more people stopped by. These framers probably think we do not have a life!haha I bet they've never had an audience! :) Mom and I went and got everyone Bar-B-Q for lunch (we eat BAR-B-Q ALOT!!)... it was a great day!! 
Saturday night, we went to WalMart for groceries and just grabbed Zaxby's!


We had a great church service. I did my first Easter program with the choir! It was awesome... After church we ate with Lee's family, hid Easter eggs, took our Sunday nap, then went to my family's delicious Easter dinner! It was an amazing EASTER! Just wanted to share a few pictures....

US with the kiddos (niece and nephew)

We had to get one in front of the house...

Had fun finding hiding places....

Yes, my mom still gets us Easter presents!:)
Lee got some great camping, fishing, outdoor shoes...

My sis and I got precious Vera Bradley beach bags!!

We had a wonderful day. We feel so blessed! 
Thank you Jesus for making these precious memories possible! 

Hope you had a BLESSED Easter!!!

April 23, 2011

Building Update (April 23rd, 2011)

 Right when I walked up, the first wall came up!

 Picking up the wall of our master bedroom/bath....

My handsome husband working after the crew left....

 The front of the house thus far...

The dining/kitchen/laundry/keeping room side (Left side)

The back of the house....

Master bedroom/master bath/ closet side.... (Right side)

And about our front door....

First, I LOVE double doors as well, but our entrance archway is not large enough for double doors... and if you were to change that it would move my windows, mess up the porch etc. JUST NOT WORTH IT;) 
Anyway, I chose my front door Thursday night, SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!
Talked to the man yesterday, and GUESS WHAT?!?! That is the one out of the four I chose that was DISCONTINUED!! WoNdErFuL!!!!!!
SOOO... we are still searching for the front door. He is bringing us another catalog tomorrow! 
Something will work out though... keeping a positive attitude! :)

Good news is, I found the exact window I want above the bathtub in the master bath... of course, the most expensive beautiful... LEAVE IT TO ME! :)

Having a great weekend though... we are so blessed and thankful!

Hope you are having a BLESSED weekend!!!

Building Update (April 21st & 22nd)

April 21, 2011

Building Update (April 20th & 21st)... (I need your help!)

Well, the wood started going up yesterday but shortly thereafter, the crew had to stop due to thunderstorms...

The good news is.... on my way to work today, when I passed the lot, they were back at it!

We had to meet with Uncle Lynn last night to discuss doors, windows, etc.

We are meeting with the window/door man this evening at 5...

Here are a few doors I have in mind...

 Of course, as you see this one doesn't have the pretty glass, but you get my idea...





Keep in mind..our home we are building kind of has a cottage look to it... Also, the entrance will be arched, so some of these doors would be modified. But you get where I'm going with it... :)

What do you think? What's your choice?
(Feel free to give more ideas, websites, etc. :)

April 20, 2011


(Never participated in WILW so thought I'd give it a try)


This purse my wonderful momma bought me from Tuesday Morning. It's a dark purple. I do not only love how it looks but the size is perfect and keeps my junk necessities organized!


My new nail color. Went to get a manicure yesterday and originally picked out a light brown color with a hint of purple. My nail lady persuaded me to try this color and I really like it! Its a light, light lavender color, almost white, and it matches my Easter dress too! It's by essie but shame on me, I did not look at the name!



My new lunch bag my sweet SIL got me for my birthday. It's from Thirty-one and the perfect size!



I am actually addicted to these Popsicles! If I get started, I do not stop until I have eaten about ten. I don't even know why I buy them. FULL OF SUGAR. which I DO NOT NEED!


That the wood started going up today on our home!!

Going to a diaper shower tonight for a friend!!:)

Hope you had a BLESSED Wednesday!

April 19, 2011

House Building Update (April 18th & 19th)

This weekend, they did not do anything on the house... but that gave us a chance to do a little furniture shopping.

Yesterday, they poured the basement floors and put sealer on it....

They also delivered our lumber... should start going up tomorrow (depending on weather).
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